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Library: Showdown in Antarctica


Author: mysteryman
Date:Dec 18 2003

This is a story about Santa Claus, Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and evil
renegade penguins. For years and years wandering bards have spinned this yarn
especially in Christmastime.

It's Christmas Eve. Santa is lying on the sofa next to a cozy fireplace
sipping hot 'spiced' wine. The old man is trying to relax, because it will be
the most demanding night of all nights. It is snowing outside. The atmosphere
is very peaceful, as it should be on Christmas Eve.

Suddenly, something breaks the harmony and Santa becomes anxious. He has a
terrible feeling that everything is not as it should be.

He shoots up from the sofa and rushes outside from his cottage. Next to
Santa's cottage is the stable where the magic reindeers  and their leader
Rudolf the red nosed reindeer live.

The door of the stable swings back and forth in the wind.

It has snowed a lot and Santa tries to wade to the stable as fast as possible.
When he  It has snowed a lot and Santa tries to wade to the stable as fast as
possible. When he gets there, a horror becomes real to him; the stable is
"Oh no!" Santa screams, "Where is my Rudolf, the red nosed reindeer!" Santa
panics,  but he still notices a bloody piece of leather nailed to a pole. He
leans towards it and  begins to read it:

*  Penguin Liberation Front      *
* Has captured Rudolf, the       *
* Reindeer. For too long have we *
* lived in limbo and now         *
* Now everything will be changed.*
* We consider this as a righteous*
* act against the oppressors of  *
*          The North Pole        *

So, it's a Christmas Eve and Rudolf is Gone! 

Without him all the adventurers around the realm will be left without presents
and real Christmas spirit.
Santa is desperate and ..really drunk. The only plan he could think of is to
call Santa's superhero Eastern Bunny to rescue Rudolf. 
Santa knows mr. Eastern is on a vacation at this time of year, but he calls
him anyway. Eastern Bunny is soo cute and fluffy that he promises to leave his
surfboard and naked female bunnies immediately and go to rescue Rudolf.

In the meantime, at the PLF headquaters, the penguins are boiling water in a
huge cauldron and dancing moonwalk. Tonight they are going to have a king's
feast in reindeer meat instead of bream. When Santa fails to delived Christmas
spirit around the plains, the penguins will come and take over Santa's place.

There's a concealed flash.

Eastern Bunny arrives to Antarctica through his secret tiamat portal. He is
armed from teeth to toes carrying two custom made flame-throwers.
He slides down from an iceberg and sneaks to the door of the headquaters.
He lights up the flamethrowers and dashes in!
The evil renegade penguins are utterly supprised and ambushed when our hero
starts to scorch them.
"SVIIIK SVIIIK! IT'S the fearless Eastern Bunny! We are DOOMED!! SVIIIKSS",
cries a burning penguin.

It wasn't really even a fight. More like a bloodbath it was say I. 
However, during the disorder Rudolf managed to come off his bonds and took off
back to the North Pole.
Mr. Eastern stayed on burning the penguins; it's was a Christmas after all.

Back in the North Pole, Santa is very happy to see his best buddy Rudolf
again. But the story doesn't end here. 
For the sake of the all young adventurers, Santa decides to get rid off this
"bird-problem" once and for all. 
He lifts the cover of his tiamat box and presses the red button; Antarctica
vaporizes. The Christmas is saved!

The end.