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Library: A true story


Author: kanis
Date:Dec 21 2003

I go into work one glorious afternoon. Immediately upon clocking in I get
pulled aside by one of the managers. Shorty explains that the day had been
very interesting and proceeds to clue me in to what had happened.
She explains that my job had recieved a phone call from the "police
department" earlier that afternoon. The officer on the phone explained that
they recieved a complaint from an individual who says their purse was stolen
from our store. A blonde who was working there took it, and we need you to
strip search all the female,blonde employees you have working there.
I asked curiously "Who took the phone call?"
She answers "Dumbass."
I ask "Did she do as the police had requested?"
To which she replied "Yes, but what you haven't been let in on yet is it was
not the police that had called. Just some random person."
I begin to ponder this new information...
"So the police never really called? It was a prank call and she went along
with it?" was my dumbfounded question.
"Yes." she answered "We are going to have the real police around for about a
week. Checking in every hour or so to make sure nothing happens."
After shaking some of the fuzziness from my head I start to think more clearly
and proceed with the questioning of this manager. "Who got searched? What was
she thinking? What is the protocal on the police here? Where is the owner
during all of this? What are all the details? How in the world would she think
the police would have them search someone instead of doing it themselves?"
Well after several minutes of giving Shorty the 5th degree I get all the
details I wanted. It turns out that that the strip searched individuals were
Dumbass' daughter and Flipper. Personally I thought this was the funniest
thing since watching a college prof. of mine slip and fall on ice. Dumbass
strip searched her own daughter!! Classic!!
A few days later I was going to Carlos O Kelly's with a bunch of friends
before going to see Return of the King. When I got there they started
questioning me like mad (I have several friends who are police officers).
I answered questions about what happened what I did when I got there, who was
the dumbass who took the call, and other not so nice questions. Then the
funniest part of the whole story happened. I was informed that the call to the
store from the police was a COLLECT CALL.
I fell out of my chair in disbelief and laughter. The Dumbass accepted a
collect call from the "police" and followed their instructions. We paid for
the call to humiliate 2 of our employees!

These 3 people should be given an award for their brave and unselfish
stupidity, and I have to work with them.

All names were changed to protect*cough*the*cough*innocent.