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Author: ayli
Date:Jan 3 2004

Once upon a time an adventuring party came across a tower. The mage spied a
sign, and after scratching his head for a bit, deciphered it: 

The tower has many levels, each level with a button. Each button grants you
something, but beware, for you can only press one of the buttons.

The party members looked at each other, and, being the adventurous sort,
charged the doors, weapons ready, magic on the tips of the tongues, only to be
confronted by yet another sign: "Press the button and you will be granted 10k
The ogre grumbled, "bah, 10k is nothing. I can get more from a single kill."
So up the stairs the adventurers went. "Press the button and you will be
granted 50k exp!" proclaimed the next sign.
"Pfft, you get more from a decent ress", grumbled the healer, and the trio
proceeded to the next floor. "Press the button for 50 tps!", proclaimed the
sign. The ogre reached for the button, but the mage stopped him:
"Wait," he said, "every floor gets us something better, and there are yet more
stais to ascend. Let us go see what's upstairs." They went up the steps and
came to a tiny old man.
"There's just no pleasing you is there? You could have had exp, you could have
had gold, even taskpoints were at your reach, yet you still seek more, and
more you shall have. State your wishes, and they shall be granted," said the
"I want twelve vaults, each filled with purses overflowing with mithril!"
stated the mage.
"I want enough exp to master every skill and every spell I can think of!"
wished the healer.
"Give me a copy of every magical item that's in existence!" said the ogre.
"So be it," spoke the old man, and in a flash of light the tower was gone.

"Amazing, I know every spell in existence," muttered the healer, still in awe.
The mage rushed to the vaults surrounding him, and sure enough, every single
one was filled to the brim with shiny new mithril coins.
'Hmm, this looks interesting,' thought the ogre, as he reached for an
odd-looking stick protruding from the mass of glimmering swords and armours.
He gave it a wave, and in an instant the adventurers had all disappeared.

Sometime later the same old man was walking through the field, when he spied
the same stick lying in the grass. A wide grin spread on his face and he
exclaimed, "Ah! So THAT's where I had misplaced my wand of area whim removal!"