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Library: Tale: Long way to destination


Author: descad
Date:Jan 6 2004


Its been 6 days now when i left my castle, couple merchants told me about 
this new area far southwest on Bat Realm. So i took my equipment and went 
search for new treasuries.

After second day traveling, i found out that i wasnt able to go further
without assistance. Soon i arrived to the city of Orion, i started 
asking people if they were interested enough to join me on my travel.

I met woman named Shar, who introduced herself as old elder nun. 
After few hours of enjoying chat about this and that, i finally asked does she
want to join my journey.

- Woofbark, well of course i can join. said beautiful Shar

- Very well, thee shall join me on my journey! I shouted cheeringly.

So we left Orion with Shar and continued through rough lands of Bat Realm.

Day 3.
Shar has proven herself quite useful on my journey, she has already saved
my life against the evil trolls on our path. Tho i keep thinking why she does
dog barking awful often. Could she have some secrets i should know about?

After couple battles and long walking, we met this smiling creature who
was blocking way to further.

- I see, adventurers from far away? Asked creature.
- My name is Chicko and i block this path, i'm deaf so dont try too hard
  to convince me otherwise, Chico explains.

- What can we do about this matter Shar, he is deaf so i cant use my 
  bardic skills on him. I asked.

- Wuh, i sense no evilness on this creature. I cant harm any other 
  than evil creatures, said Shar sadly.
- WOOF! Yesterday you mentioned you are apprentice of some
  runemage thing, could those skills be use now?

- Hmm, i've only got couple lectures from there and i havent improved
  much yet. But i'll do my best, i said.

I started chanting something i heard teacher said about on my previous
lecture, but i got this terrible feeling i'm doing something wrong...

Soon my chant was ready and i aimed it on Chico, obviously i did
something right caus the spell was cast. 
But we didnt see anything happening.

Suddenly Chico started laughing a LOT, and after we observed
enough i came to conclusion that the spell i casted was called 
'Uncontrollable hideous laughter'.

- Woof heh, i think you did it Descad! 
  Chico cant stop laughing, thus block us. Shar said.

We walked past poor Chico who was havin his fun. I felt bit sad on Chico..

Day 5
Shar is getting quite frustrated on our journey, we are getting close to
the location merchants told me about. But we cant notice anything that
would claim what the merchants told.

Day 6
We arrived to the location... And found something, a note.
Note says 'Under construction'.
Well, seems like i wont get to explore new treasuries. But atleast
i found new partner and had joufyl journey with sister Shar.
Time to head back home and hope Chico is still laughing.

I figured this is a tale i should wrote down, atleast for sister Shar.

-Descad Eevokki