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Library: Eguor and the Demon


Author: umbar
Date:Jan 19 2004

In the beginning of years, when the world was so new and
all, a little dwarf was born on the mountainside cave, a bit
north from the great Batcity.

The dwarf, who his mother named Eguor after his late father,
was not a bright dwarf, and got himself often into trouble.
He was to become a great nuisance to inhabitans of bat-world,
but also a dear friend of mine.

If one would pile up all the black pudding I whacked with
Eguor, one would get a mountain. What a havoc we wreaked
there. And not only for puddings, since we guarded our spoils
fiercely! When we saw others trying to get into mine, we
charged them without warning and slayed them. Seldom did we
lose when we fought together.

Once, on a particularly uneventful day, I was hanging out with
Eguor in front of Batcity Church. Suddendly, a nasty-looking
demon popped in front of us, grabbed our weapons and vanished
in a puff of smoke. Puff.

Astonished as we were, we decided to fight that demon and take
back our beloved hammers. Quickly, we got some new supplies,
and head out to look for that malevolent beast. We heard cries
of other people too, calling for revenge on the beast.

We didn't have to search for too long, since the demon found
us. Puff, and our new brand-new swords were gone. As I decided
to flee into our castle, he headed back to weapon shop to buy
yet another sword.

He didnt have to buy a sword, though, since he stumbled into a
carcass of demon at north city gate. Why it was dead, he didn't
know, but he picked the corpse up, and grabbed the sack the demon
was carrying. And what a surprise it was - not only he got our
hammers back, but also a pile of fancy-looking things he had
never before seen. There was an strange neon blue visor, a
translucent shard of crystal with a mithril chain to hang around
your neck... He didn't exactly know what these all things were,
but somehow he knew we had hit the jackpot!

As you may have guessed, my dear reader, the fun didn't last
for long. Suddendly, Eguor was yanked from where we stood into
a tower. He had no idea what the place was, but there were two
were angry people there. One was a huge insect Caladar, and the
other was a giant called Shiva. "Drop all you are carrying, now!"
said Caladar, but Eguor refused. He explained that he has no
idea what they were talking about, and demanded that they return
him to Batcity immediately.

Few seconds later, as he was dusting his armor next to Batcity
church after a quick trip thru Hell, He was summoned again by
Caladar. That time, he obeyed.