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Library: BatMUD Tales Vol. I


Author: Rasekh
Date:Nov 2 1995

BatMUD Tales Vol. I By Rasekh the Elf 

Note: These tales may not have anything to do with BatMUD world, but I -
Rasekh - hope that you still enjoy reading it.

Chapter I  - The Storm

 There I was, alone...all my friends were gone.   Gone with the storm that had
raged for days... it was like some mystical force had helped me to get through
it alive.   But then what ? I could be dead as well. I had no food, no water,
nothing to keep my body and mind alive.
 I had been walking for days in the desert, and I felt weak. The Elves in my
society hardly ever leave the protecting shadows of the woods in our
homelands, but this time we had no choice. Some of had to go and find the
Dragon Orb to save our people from the evil Dragons.
And I was one of them...and the last of them for now. There had been five of
us when we left Seth, my home village.