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Library: Dragons song


Author: heihachi
Date:Jan 30 2004

Long long ago, before humanty had decided to share in the dwelling of the
earth,the land was a place of wonder.The grasses would whisper songsin the
morning breeze, the rain would fall as liquid rubys and emeralds, and
mountains danced with much more quickly than they do today. The world was an
abundant place, indulging in quite literally every whim and wondering of
Life... Griffins soared, bandersnatches mumbled, and Faery-kin cavorted amid
the webs of shimmer-spiders (who were weaving silk clothing for the orc king).
Imgine every wonder of plant and beast and you will hold in your mind but a
shadow of the magnifcence that was (and may yet be again). Of all the amazing
creatures that walked, flew, or swam in this time, the most amazing of all
were the dragons!!! Their magic was legendary even then, and they were the
keepers of tales and the advisors to the faery lords, desert efreet, and
mountain dwarfes who ruled the many lands. Their songs could bring peace and
joy to the crulest heart, and their tale-weaving was so intrcate that often
the stories they made up became true. The diragons loved the earth more than
anything else in all creation.The shimering deserts, the surging sea,the
mysterious forests, and high mountain peaks were sacred and glorious places
and they every day they would sing their songs of love and devotion to the
land. Every year, the Dragons would gather at a great tower high in the great
mountains. It was always a splindid event, filled with music and rare foods
and entertainment from the best performers. Every dragon in the land would
gather in their finest silks and best jewels to celebrate and make plans for
the coming turn of the seasons. One year,during the opening recption feast, a
radiant crimson dragon from the flaming desert rose from her seat and
addressed her kinsfolk. "brothers & sisters"I have brought with me a blessing
from the shining deserts to share with you. The earth has always been our
greatest love and our deepest joy. She sustaens, delights and inspires us
always. But always have we been separate from her, embracing her but never
truly joined to her. For years I have watched her in her glory and I have had
an inspiration. we hold the greatest magics that the world has ever seen. Let
us use that gift and join the earth! An excited murmur rippled through the
gathered dragons. "will she accept us? called the blue dragons. "she accepts
all" replied the crimson dragon, "for she is the keeper of all things. Another
asked, "Will we loose our magic?!!" "how can we?" countered the crimson lady.
"isthe magic that turns the seasons the greatest magic of all?" For the rest
of the gathering, the dragonkin discussed and pondered the crimson dragons
proposal. There were a few doubts and 1 or 2 petty fears,but on the whole the
entire dragon population was aflame with the prospect of finally joining the
mother earth in a union never before seen in the world. At the end of the
gathering time, the dragon king announced thatthe sacred union of dragon and
earth would occur on the morning of summer that very year in the vale of the
six trees. Each dragon was charged with composing the most exquisite song they
could in praise of the earth to honor her and fuel the magic of the great
making. High summers eve came swiftly and once more the dragons gathered in
the vale. The vale of the six trees was a place of great beauty,for it was
said that here the earths heart was nearet. Six trees grew there, their
majestic branches spread wide and swinging with one other to form an arching
canopy of leaves. The scent of six different blooms and the tang of six
different fruits mingled in the air like wine on a breeze. A hush fell over
the assembled dragons. Then,a single sweet voice began the song. Soon another
joined and then another. Harmony over harmony, verse over verse, the syphony
of love and devotion swelled, sending riples through every branch and twig of
the six sacred trees. and from there the whole world echoed the song. In the
distant deserts and high mountains, far deep in the oceans, and high in the
clouds,the song of the dragons pulsed. The jewelfeather swans took flight, the
wolves howled in chorus, and the giants beat their great drums in unison.
Every creature of water, earth, sky, and fire danced and sung to the tune
carried to them by the earths heart. In the vale, the dragons had gone blind
with tears of joy and the radince of the magic they wove. Their love was given
voice at last in the highest and truest form they knew. A great light rose out
of the earth and embraced each one. Thunder rolled and the sky opened to the
tears of the Earth as she welcomed the invitation of her dearest dragons. At
last the song was finished! When the singers awoke to themselves once more,
they beheld a wonder. Each of them had been transformed into the form of the
earth they loved most. Those that loved the sky and clouds had become thin and
light, with wings and glistening ruby scales. The forest loving drakes had
grown slender, their eyes were dark emeralds in the fading light. The dragons
of the mountains were stout and thick, their voices becoming the stone. A
great cheer arose as the dragons celebrated their achievemnt. The earth had
accepted them into her breast and at last they could each dwell in her heart
and share the joy of her beauty.

But one dragon stood alone, weeping quietly in the shadow of the indigo tree.

"Why do you weep, brother? they all asked him. I weep for us," replied the
dragon, whose name was sicon, the dragon of dreams. "We have indeed achieved a
wonder this day. We are truly of the earth now and share her blessings and her
magic. There is joy in my heart, butr sadness as well. For soon humanity shall
come into the world. And their magic is greater than ours. "we shall welcome
them," said the other Dragons. "The earth welcomes all creatures."

"indeed," said sicon, "we shall welcome them and they shall work their magic.
Humans are a interesting race andhave many gifts, but they also have one other
quality... they forget. They shall come and join us and then we too shall
forget." The other dragons laughed at such a prospect,But indeed, humanity
came unto the earth, and the earth welcomed them and taught them the ways of
life and living. and humanity took the learning and made wonders with it. And
then humanity forgot the source of the earths teachings. They forgot their
heratage, the source of their magic. The end.