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Library: The unlucky templar


Author: karamacho
Date:Feb 7 2004

There was once an unlucky young templar. No matter how hard he tried, never
did he succeed in anything. Being such an unlucky mortal, he ended up having
no friends at all. His father, also a noble templar, abandoned him and
favoured only the better one of his sons. As no one liked our pitiful young
templar, he spent all his days practicing special templar skills, mostly by
himself because there were no teachers who would had wanted to help and teach
   His days were long and lonely. Every half an hour he made a sign of a cross
on his chest and whispered silent prayer to Faerwon, the god of holy war. Many
times he prayed for guidance to his life, but nothing particular happened.
Many times he prayed for just a pinch of good luck, but no. He was desperate
and had thoughts of ending all his misery by his own hand but as we know, that
is not a thing to do for templar. Templar must take at least ten times his
weight of evil before dying.
   He pondered different options of his life and how to get some respect in
this cruel world. One day, a windy but beautiful spring day, he was performing
a ceremony for Faerwon. He sat alone in front of his self-made wooden altar
with his eyes closed. Suddenly, while he was chanting a silent hymn prasing
Faerwon and Las, he felt something extraordinary. He couldn't open his eyes or
stop chanting, everything just felt to slip out of his control. He was scared
because he could not affect his body. After few moments he started to hear
faint speaking, which appeared to come from the altar. Slightly the volume of
speaking raised and soon it sounded like a thundering strom to our fragile
   'You, my servant, hear me! You have given me much, but not enough! You have
asked for much, but nothing have I given thee! Hear me, what I want is
something material, some real sacrifice! I, Faerwon, give you a mission! Find
my statue and give me a real gift!'

Suddenly the phenomenon was gone and the templar gained the control over is
body back. This was an event that changed young templar's life. Now everything
was clear to him, the reason for his unluck and misery. As he was so
enthusiastic, he didn't say good bye to anyone, but left his hometown
instantly after this occurance with his horse. He had naturally heard old
tales and rumours about a sacred shrine where a godly statue of Faerwon was
said to be found.
   The unlucky and unsure templar was suddenly very self-confident. He had
never known how it feels to know what you are doing, Inspired by his sight and
the tales about the holy statue he rode eagerly towards the expected location
of the shrine. It had been told that it was about three days journey there
from his hometown.
   Finally after three days of constant riding the templar and his exhausted
horse arrived at a serene forest square. The square was just like everyone had
described the entrance of the holy shrine. And there it was! A flamboyant gate
in the middle of the square! 'This must be the place', thought the templar.
'This will start a totally new phase in my life'. He hurried inside the shrine
and saw the sacred statue standing on a beautiful platform. How beautiful it
   The templar ran to the statue and hugged it warmly. He was ready to
sacrifice something valuable to Faerwon, when he remembered something
terrible. He had forgot to take something to sacrifice with him! In low
spirits he understood that his beloved shield was the only valuable thing he
had with him. Although a shield is almost the most important thing for a
templar he was ready to sacrifice it to change his life. He made the prayer
rituals in front of the statue and with thundering sounds the shield vanished
and it was taken to the heaven.
   The templar was truly charmed because of his great sacrifice, and he
believed utterly that his life would be better in the future. He grabbed his
horse and rode back to his hometown, where nothing had changed. He had only
been gone for about one week.
   He ran instantly to see his father, and asked for a chance to prove that he
was a changed man. The father wasn't very eager to waste his time for this
stupid and futile thing, but he finally granted his son a chance. 'Give me a
task to do', said the young templar. 'Well, my son. To prove me that you are
no longer a useless unlucky child that god has forsaken, I give you this
simple task. Take this bow. Can you see that wood log over there? Hit it with
an arrow.'
   The young templar slowly took the bow and an arrow, aimed, and finally
shot. While the  arrow was flying to it's target, the world seemed to go slow
again! The thundering and scary voice of Faerwon shouted to the templar: 'You
fool! You are not worth of an honorable life of templar! And you really are no
templar at all without your shield! Templar must never lose his shield!' The
arrow turned suddenly in the air and flew straight through young templar's
   Condemned had this templar's life been from the hour he was born. No
sacrifice can change one's life if his soul is weak.