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Library: Last day of a warrior


Author: shadizar
Date:Feb 10 2004

"The war was finally over" he thought. Six months of battles after battles.
Thinking about killing all those people made him feel sick. All the
bloodshedding... But now, finally he could go back home, back to his family.
Seeing his little son and beatiful wife after so long time. It brought tears
to warrior's eyes. Few miles and he'd be there. His home village, small place
with only about hundred families. Few days ago he was still in the front line
avoiding enemy swords and arrows. But things were not how he expected them to
be. When he finally arrived to the village, everything was burned or teared

Corpses were all over the place and they were tortured every imaginable way.
Little girl with only one leg crawled towards the warrior and tried to say him
something but only little hiss was heard. Pregnant woman was tied to a pole
and there were some burnmarks on her face. The smell was terrible mixture of
burnt flesh and blood. Some of the corpses were rotting slowly and lots of
flies flew around them.

It was obvious that small enemy group had sneaked behind lines and pillaged
the village. It also seemed that troops were exceptionally cruel people. No
soul was saved and small children and helpless women were humiliated worst way
possible. Warrior arrived at his homefarm, which was burned down and his wife
and child lied on the burned grass. They were burnt awfully bad. Lonely tear
of hate and sorrow fell down on warrior's cheek. He had lost everything he
had, even his will to live.

He started wandering towards the borders of the village. Birds were singing
beatifully which made the atmosphere wicked. Watching all those dead bodies
and hearing the songs of the nature. Man unsheated his katana. Blade was
shining at sunlight and even thought that he knew he would die, warrior felt
no fear for death. He took a tight grip of the handle with both hands. He
could feel the cold blade sliding into his stomach. Pain was almost
unbearable. Dark red blood started rushing out of the wound. 

Warrior bit his lip and started cutting his stomach. Some of the intestines
started coming out of his deep wound. Man closed his eyes. He could hear the
birds singing and for a while he felt harmonic. After opening his eyes again,
he saw everything in black and white. He could see thousands of butterflies
flying around and ground was full of flowers. 
Both moon and sun were on the sky, shining bright white light. He could still
hear some singing, but it didn't sound like normal birds anymore. 

Then he heard high pitch and suddenly everything was bright. He could feel
himself standing in emptiness, in bright light. "So this is..."