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Library: Once Upon a Time in Batmud


Author: scary
Date:Feb 23 2004

Hereby I share a true story of mine. A flash from my past, filled with danger
and mysteries. At least those were my thoughts there and then. Now several
years later, 'wiser' and 'braver', I know the truth behind their action, or so
I believe. Read and find out, if you can solve the true purpose behind their


It was early spring 1998, in this so-called "real life". Bat year and month
managed to slip from my 'memories'. Times were much rougher those days,
especially for fresh souls in this realm. Reincarnation spin already had
managed to pull me in its deep twists. If I recall right it was my third
reincarnation, counting fast, search for the best guild for me had started. So
I was a proud member of the Brotherhood of Wizardry, wielding just mere powers
of magic, newbie mage in exact words. I was as much as nobody, only few
'friends' even knew that I existed. Still this group of vile players found
some use for my being...

The Story

It was a normal day for my newbienes. Sun was shining and the birds were
singing. Few deaths and close byes, life was smiling, as much as it could for
solo lvl 28 drow mage. There I was making my way through plains and forests,
from point A to point B, when suddenly I was interrupted!

Mr. C tells you 'go up'

I stopped middle of nowhere, looked around, saw no one just woods around me,
neither trace of anyone else nor exit to up. Thoughts: So I received a tell
from someone I had never heard of before... and those pesky wizzlings had
their fun with echoes even then. So I passed the tell with just a slight
thought and continued my travel through wilderness. Minutes passed, I almost
had forgotten until...

Mr. C tells you 'rd?'

Same reactions... Even that fingering then might have been fatal, I took my
chances. Thoughts: So this 'mystery player' resumed in to giving his guidance
for me. I started to wonder... about what this could be. Still I didn't dare
to inquire and continued my trip to now unknown destination. A small doubt in
my mind.

Mr. C tells you 'just type: up'

Thoughts: It happened again, what was this all about, what was the whole
purpose of these cryptic tells? Where was I supposed to be, where was I
supposed to go and why?
I was soon to find out. Seconds passed...

Mr. C has summoned you!

Puff... there I was, the moment was now! THIS WAS IT, as if my shocked brains
would have understood anything that was happening at that time.

I found myself inside a main tower on a second floor. In front of me was a
spiral staircase, just waiting to be climbed by me. I was surrounded by a
6-man group of 'Highbies' driven by hatred, anger and lust for blood.

Few hits I took.
Mr. C says 'up.'

I was still startled and unable to react in any way, much less move to any
specific direction. Who? What? Where? Why? I looked around. Saw this party,
"Everything you've ever dreamed," they called themselves. The floor was
littered with weapons and armours.

Another series of hits found their target.
Luckily my mage robe blocked some of the damage, keeping me conscious.
You wish your wounds would stop BLEEDING so much!
You sense your surroundings distorting and then snap.

I found myself from my that time safe haven ALIVE. Word of Recall was my
savior that time though leaving a mystery in my mind for years to follow.

A Tale had born!