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Library: Lamentation of Soth


Author: capula
Date:Feb 29 2004

Long before creation Lord Soth had fough hundreds of
bloody wars. Trough dimensions he ravaged in the
name of Takhisis crushing insignificant worlds 
and leaving disgraced planets lying after him.

Lord Soth shrugged as he noticed himself dreaming
about old school of demonology. So much pain so
much sweet memories. But the cosy school has 
bad seed planted in it. It waited and grew and
waited. It was seed of evil, ultimate and unimaginable.

Takhisis standed up slowly and started to look
at surroundings. "Yes, muahahahaa!" -he chuckled
maliciously. He was geniously reincarnated to plant
and tricked schools cook to transport him to damp
cellar of school. He had found the Forbidden tome of
Aelders and from its chaotic scrips learned
that Mortis's invisible cousin Nortis lived in
the very same cellar. And more important he had
also ability to reinc people.

So devious was Takhisis's plan that he occasionally
was afraid of himself. So when the right moment
came, Takhisis said 'reincme' and *puff* he was
transformed to his trueform, bad skinned dragon overlord.

Takhisis knew that school had unnoticed talent as
student. Joakim Soth, child whose psionic capabilities
overwhelmed every other psi in the known world.
Takhisis had planned great future for young Joakim
and he liked his part as cosmic puppeteer.

He had got job with false recommendations. His job
was to be school counselor and the possibilities
were unlimited in the ways of controlling young

As decades passed Joakim Soth had forgotten his
past as a stupendous psi and transformed to hideous
beast from constant using of unstable mutation.
The very same spell, which Takhisis had teached
to Soth during their secret rendezvous.

Deformed and ashamed Soth whimpered in schools shadowy
belltower. He was despised by all of his friends,
family, relatives, neighbours and such. Just because
using unstable mutation was illegal. And the 
forbidden fruit was juicy. Soth blamed himself
about being so weak. Self accusations tortured his
fragile psionic mind, those, unstable mutations and
the evil influence coming from slight rupture in space-
time continuum altered Soths physical form in
hideous ways.

Takhisis charmed Soth with promises of eternal
power and Soth swallowed every bit of poisonous
lies which Takhisis feed to him. After six years
of malicious influence Soth has transformed in the
form of black giant. Lord Soth has been born.

During following aeons Lord Soth followed his
masters cruel war plans and destroyed everything
what possibly could be destroyed. But then came
the day when Soth asked from Takhisis question
which was going to change his karma. "Sir Takhisis,
I've served you without thank for six aeons, so
how about giving me own castle in some nice
world where I could rule with fury fist." -Soth
said solemnly.

Takhisis boiled with hatred, "Why now, just when
the things started to go right" -he hissed in the
elevator. But then he thought of something so
devilish and started to fear himself. The plan was

So Takhisis promised Soth flying castle in the world
known as batmud. That and the eternal promise of
giving aid when needed.


Party of jolly adventurers cheered as they gave
final blow at bloody and disgraced Soth, partymembers
congratulated their leader Kawasa for job well done
again. Lord Soth got humiliated for 178th time in the
row. Just before his death, he raised his hands towards
sky, screaming 'Takhisis why you have forsaken meee....
gain...... whyyyy!', but the answer never came, 
-The end