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Library: A short tale


Author: solarhawk
Date:Mar 13 2004

Just like any other night, I was at the local pub, singing a few songs, 
getting a few ales, you know, the usual bards night out. My singings and tales
had not gone unnoticed, as one might tell from all the empty mugs on my table.
So I was getting a bit drunk, but that's ok, I've gotten used to it along the
years, it didn't bother my singing much. As a matter a fact it enabled me to
sing even higher and with added volume. Though for some odd reason, I think
the patrons were a bit jealous of my talents, as they begun tossing mugs and
whatnot at me, crying for me to stop. So I took that as my usual cue to head
for home, it had been a quite succesfull night already, I wouldn't let a few
drunken patrons ruin it. Quietly, I sneak out from the pub, and head out at my
cottage at the outskirts of town.

It was a cold, cold night, which is to say it was a bit chilly. I was
hopping along a small path through the forest when I heard it. It was coming
somewhere near me, as sounds like that always did. It was getting a bit
chillier. I quickly threw myself off the road, gathered  myself and had a
glance for anything that might be following me. I saw  nothing, nothing at

The road was completely empty, well, except for a few leaves that  were
playing in the wind. But the sound did not come  from the wind. The woods
around me seemed to grow closer, trying to block my way out. Well I'll have
none of that nonsense, thank you very much. So  I decide to leave before my
mind goes totally bonkers. 

So, the road seems to be haunted, the forest has something against  me, what
am I to do? I, a notorious bard, will not be scared by evil forests  nor eerie
sounds. I, a master of sound myself, will not be held back by  a rustle in the
wind! But I'm no fool, so I decide to stick to the woods for  a while, but
close enough to the road to escape the forests grasp if need be.

It's getting really cold, I take it winters coming soon. Still, no  sound
seems to be coming from the road anymore. Maybe it was some invisible 
fairies, or even worse, drows! Those cursed drows, only once before have I 
met such beings of the dark. A day I won't ever forget. For those cursed 
beings almost got me, with their pointy ears and sharps teeth. Not that I had
seen them very well, but the stories were true about them, I'm sure. Didn't
stay to find out of course, got a bit frightened about the bit where they 
assumedly set everything they touch into flames.

Perhaps it was the drow on the road, that must be it, yeah. What else could
had made that noise, that wretched noise. But I won't back away this time! My
courage is renowned! Tree by tree, bush by bush I dodge nearer to the road. As
soon as I see them, they're mine! They'll never know what hit them. But the
road is empty. Did they see me as I left the road? Are they behind me now?
What if I look, will they stab ne then? What am I to do. Quickly, I decide,
and run across the road for a better stance. There the sound was again, right
behind me. "Hey, buddy, you left your coat at the inn, aren't you cold out
here? It's a  good thing I cought you or you would had bee frozen!"

And the Mystery was solved, just as I had expected.