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Library: Story of my life


Author: hashiva
Date:Apr 21 2004

High school seemed like such a blur,
I didn't have much interest of sports or
  school elections.
And in class i dreamed of all day,
About a rock'n roll weekend.

And the girl in the front of the room,
So close yet so far y'know she never seemed
  to notice.
That this silly schoolboy crush
Wasn't just pretended.

And i went down my old neighborhood,
The faces have all changed, there's no one
  left talk to.
And the pool hall i loved as a kid
Is now a seven eleven.

I went downtown to look for a job,
I had no training, no experience to speak of,
I looked at the holes in my jeans
And turned and headed back.

Good times come and good times go,
I only wish the good times would last a
  little longer.
I think about the good times we had
And why they had to end.

So i sit at the edge of my bed,
I strum my guitar and I sing an outlaw
  love song.
Wonderin''bout what you're doin' now
And when youre coming back..

Life goes by so fast,
You only wanna do what you think is right.
Close your eyes and it's past;
Story of my life.

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