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Library: Turn around


Author: hashiva
Date:Apr 22 2004

Children are taught to hate, parents just couldn't wait
Some are rich and some are poor, others will just suffer more
Have you ever been a shamed, felt society try to
  Keep you down? I begin to watch things change a see
   Then turn around.

Ignorance is like gun in hand, reach out to the promised land
Your history books are full of lies, media-blitz gonna dry your eyes
Have you ever been afraid? Felt society try to keep you down?
  I begin to watch things change to see them turn around.

You're eighteen you wanna be a man,
you're grandaddys in the ku-klux-klan.
Taking two steps forward and four steps back
I wanna to the white house and paint it Black.

Turn around, theyll try to keep you down
Turn around, Turn around ...Dont try to drag me down.

  -->Social Distortion..