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Library: The Tale of Ajaod


Author: thiamin
Date:May 8 2004

Once upon a time there was this small girl whose name was Ajaod. She was born
poor like all her ancestors before him. All the odds were that she would
probably die poor too, like all her ancestors had died before him.

Ajaod was an orphan daughter of a fisherman near the Red Tides village. Her
mother died in birthbed, her father on a stormy night when Ajaod was the age
of six. After that good old Mama Jiji took care of her. The  years went past
and the living was meager, but Mama was friendly and loving and even taught
her the basics of potion making.

One day the nightmares in the Red Tides village started and Mama went forth
and opened a shop there, because she was the only one in the world who could
make the sleep potions. Ajaod was left all alone on the rocky shores of north 
seas of the batworld. But she was a big girl now, she thought, and probably
could take the care of herself. So she went on and about to search her

She started exploring the small rocky isle her isolated home cottage was on
and came upon a lonely mountain. And behold! On the very entrance to depths of
the mountain she saw a mysterious door between dimensions! Brave little girl
she was,  she entered the portal without any second thoughts!

And WHAM! - she was sent into a buzzing hornets' nest know as BatCity,
straight to the altar room of the church of all gods. She was astonished by
the sheer amount of people in there. The whole place was beyond her wildest
imagination. But  bravely she started venturing forward the streets of

Quickly she met another girl of her age who was crying her eyes out - a girl
who had lost her kitty. 'What a sissy' she thought but promised to bring the
kitten to the girl if she saw it.

Ajaod spent her day wandering around the wonders of BatCity, but it was
getting dark and she had no idea where to sleep next night. It was getting
really late until she saw a small shop with familiar smell. It must be a
Tobacco shop! Hesitantly she went to the closed door and knocked on it.
Friendly old man  named Tince opened the door and welcomed her. She explained
her situation to Tince and the soft-hearted old bugger let her sleep the night
in the shop. Ajaod was so grateful that she hardly spent any time sleeping but
cleaning the shop.

The next morning when Tince came to work, he was astonished. His shop had
never been so clean before. So the made an agreement that Ajaod could sleep
her nights in his shop if she cleaned the shop every night. Daytime she could
do anything she wanted, because Tince thought that tobacco smoke might not be
good to children.

Days went past and Ajaod explored the BatCity, but never left the gates of her
new home city. She learned the city by heart. Every building and all citizens
she knew. She became friend with the other orphans at BatCity and listened to
Mabelle's stories about how glorious the Las was.

Years went past and she started wondering what to do with her life. Quickly
she came to a decision, she had heard the phraze "My life for Las!" so many
times that she was certain that she'll become a nun. So she set to  a long a
dangerous journey to nun convent near shadowkeep. Despite her fears the
journey went well and she even met another girl who is to become a nun

Together they spent their first years in the nun guild, the days were long and
studies hard but they had their mind set and both progressed in the guild. One
day her first big test was at hand. She had to restore a saint. In order to do
so she had to slay a monster that was vaguely described as "a skeletal
fisherman is here, fishing for eternity"

So she went and started searching for the hideous undead. For days she went
and asked people for whereabouts of the monster. Her old friends at BatCity
had no idea where the monster was. No one could tell where the monster was.
She was at loss. She had asked everyone, but no-one knew. Suddenly she
recalled an old bedtime story, told by Mama Jiji to other kids in the village.
So she took a boat to her old home village to see Mama.

She asked Mama about the skeletal fisherman but Mama went pale and burst to
tears. Among the sobs she managed to say that:

"Your *sob* destiny is *boohoo* too much *sob* for any *sob* girl, you   have
*sob sob* to do something *sob* so mortifying *boohoo, sob sob* that   I do
not wish *sob* to my *sob* worst *sob* enemies... but you'll find   the
skeletal fisherman *BOOHOO* *SOB* from an islet short way offshore  *SOB*"

After saying that Mama blew her nose refused to say no more. So Ajaod rented 
a small rowboat and started rowing towards the little islet. At the islet she
saw a cozy little hut with warm light shining from the small window. Polite 
girl she was, she went and knocked on the door.

The door was opened by the skeleton in old but clean clothes. When she saw the
little nun, the skeletons jaw dropped open and it screamed "AJAOD! My little
baby! My girl!" and it hugged her. Ajaod was appalled. How could this
horrendous monster know her name? She gave the skeleton a suspicious look and
saw that the skull had some familiar features. As a thunderbolt the shock hit
her: the skeleton was his loving father who had died that stormy night.

So she had a horrible dilemma. Either she had to face the horrible punishments
of Las, or she had to slay her own father. She could not come to harm the 
skeleton who seemed to be quite happy in his undeath. Neither could she go to
convent and tell the other nuns that she had failed.

She thought for a long while and finally came to a decision. She had no other
choice but take her own life. So she went to a sheer cliff and threw herself 
in to the ocean. The other gods, horrified by the injustice of Las, the god of
 Justice took pity on her so Laera ordered the demi-gods Nitocris and Ahm to
give her another chance. Either she could reincarnate into a new life, or she 
could be reanimated in to unlife. She chose the latter, and became a skeleton

Little is known of her her unlife after that, but is said that two liches
still haunt the rocky shores of the norhtwestern batworld..