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Library: A letter from an old friend.


Author: ratza
Date:May 10 2004

A letter from an old friend

by, Ratza Vitjamuna the gloomy storyteller

Greeting, old pal. First off, don't panic, I am 
already dead when you read this. I'm writing 
this letter to you because I am scared. Scared 
of something really horrible. It makes me shiver 
to even think about it. And, it is you who I love 
the most, so it will be you who gets this letter.

It all began on the same day the winter began. 
I mean, the first snow flakes fell from the sky 
and covered the land. You know, it can get 
unbelievably dark at nights and even in the 
afternoons at that time of year. I had been 
writing for almost the whole day. As you probably
remember, my work room has a large window and a  
desk against it. The first flakes of the winter 
were incredibly beautiful. They had been inspiring
me during that particular day, so much that I even
forgot to eat anything.

Suddenly I woke up. My stomach really growled. I 
decided to pause my work for a while, and get 
something to chew on. On my way to kitchen I saw 
a fly, buzzing and looking kinda dizzy, bouncing 
at the kitchen door. "Someone hasn't noticed the 
winter yet" I thought. 

I was spooning up peasoup (with mustard and some
onion slices of course) when I saw the fly again. 
It seemed a bit bigger than the last time. As if 
it had wanted really to be seen and noticed. It 
flew weirdly towards me and landed on the rim of 
my soup plate. I felt it looked straight in my 
eyes and little deeper too. 
"You've gotta run."
I heard a voice inside my head. I spat out some 
of the soup. I also inhaled a small part of it 
and started coughing massively. 
"Don't look back."
The voice continued. I had to obey it. I knew right 
away there was something evil everywhere around me 

So I ran. I bashed the front door open, and ran 
into the darkness. Damn, it was cold. I felt eyes 
watching me leave and something following. I was 
freezing, and it made me run even faster. 
What is this? Why am I bothered like this? Who 
wants me dead? Something touched me in the back. 
I kept running, I didn't want to look back. It 
felt like 20 sharp knives cutting and digging 
holes in my skin. I fell in the snowdrift and 
blacked out. I thought I was dead. No memory.

I woke up, lying on the bed. I realized I was in 
a hospital. I watched out from the window. It was 
a morning, I guess. I slowly recalled, what had 
happened. Who had brought me here? I saw a button 
near my bed. Button was on a panel, and the panel 
read: "Call nurse". I tried pressing it for a while. 
Soon the door opened and someone came in. I asked why 
I was here and who had brought me. Nurse went to the 
window, faced it and started muttering. 
"Don't worry, we will be allright..." 
I felt the voice in my head and it hurted inside. It 
was just like he had talked in my head with thousand 
"Anything else...?" 
Damn, I thought my head was exploding. I couldn't 
answer anything. Nurse slowly turned around and started 
walking away. It was wearing a long, hooded, white 
jacket. The hood was on its head. I tried to see its 
face when it turned, but I saw nothing. It came closer 
to me and said: 
"I will get the doctor here." 
It really didn't have a face. My heart started thumping 
like a piston in a cylinder. The creature walked away.

I decided to escape from this nightmare. I threw all 
the hoses away from me, stood up and tried to find 
out where to exit. The window was easy to open and 
the room was located in first floor, so I went from 
there. I knew where I was, it was the city hospital. 
Why have they all gone mad there? Or is it me who 
is mad here? I tried to forget everything and started 
running home. It felt a bit safer in the daylight.

I got home. I tried opening the door carefully. 
Everything seemed OK. I went to the kitchen and saw 
the fly again. It buzzed at me again. 
"So you looked back, tsk, tsk." 
I knew I was going to die now. I went in my work room 
and started this letter to you. I warn you, don't come 
searching. Tell everyone that I miss and love them too.

Yours truly, Mortel.