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Library: The Legend Of Three Heroes


Author: tascruel
Date:May 21 2004

...And there it was.
Lights and colours I didnt even know to exist.
Dimensions and things that makes words clumsy.
But what is this? And how did I reach this point.
Yes I remember....

- The Hobbits Inn -

Water flooded into the "Hobbits Inn" but it didn't seem to bother
the guests. It was a crowdy night and for some reason the creatures
enjoying their ale here seemed very happy. The stranger who had just
entered the Inn tried to get through the crowd. He was Grillok and
he was searching a contact person here. After awhile he was able to 
get to the meeting place, the southwest corner of this underground hall.
And there he was the drunken hobbit, Bindlo. Back in the days he used to
be hero. He was one of the three who.. But now all he is a drunk.
And a good source for information. Grillok took a ale from some
passed out customer and tagged along with Bindlo.

..After few hours Grillok took a deep breath a fresh air as he
left the "Hobbits inn". Bindlo had talked just enough, and unfortunately
Grillok had revealed too much. But that was nothing a trusty dagger could
not handle. Bindlos body was found few hours after the murder. But that 
was more than enough for Grillok leave the scene...

- The Last Piece -

Grillok was riding fast with the horse he had stolen.
Now as he had discovered the last missing piece for hes puzzle he didn't 
want to waste even a second.
Now that he knew how to rebuild the Staff of the Ancient...
Surely everyone had heard about the legend of three, 
but who would believe such childrens bedtime story?
Time does funny thing, 
legends turn into bedtime stories that none believe in anymore.
Neather would have Grillok...
but then he met the elf...

Grillok had no idea about the elfs true identity but even now he
has hard time to imagine him as the Felron himself.
The mighty Felron the most admired of the three.
Grillok saw Felron dying, and in death as his immortal soul was
released. Grillok was a well respected draconian general by that time.
His mission was to find this elf and capture his posessions.
His lord had promised more than fair reward for this simple task.
Surprised was he to see his men to be slaughtered against this elf.
But however they were able to cut his head off.
The lord emperor had ordered to bring his gear untouched to him but
Grillok had to try Felrons bracelets... And with new streinght flowing
into him he slaughtered the rest of his men just to test the power of
the bracelet. No wonder emperor wanted the item! Ofcource Grillok had
to kill the emperor too. That he decided as he discovered a little more
about the bracelets and the legend of three...

And then Grilloks horse just fell to ground unable to rise. Grillok
had jumped off from the horse and continued his journey without 
looking back. 

- The Assembling -

Finding the human Mazzt was not an easy task as she had changed her
identity aswell as the other of the three. Even she was thousends
of years old she was beautifull. She was young sorceress when the
three united their powers. The story says that the staff she had
gave her power to intensify her spells. Grillok was able to track
the woman simply listening rumors.

By killing the emperor many soldier followed now Grilloks orders 
and some had found new masters.
And some had left to make their own destiny.
The ancient dragons descendants, the draconians were now scattered
without any true leader. 
Grillok used the remaining army to attack against 
the tower of the sorceress. 

The attack was simply a slaughter, as Grilloks expected but his
small taskforce was able to reach the tower itself as mainforce 
was used to draw the attention.The sorceress had used almost all 
of her powers fighting against the attacking troops and so she 
was easy prey for Grillok who defeated her easily with the 
boosting streinght of the bracelets. 

With her last breath the woman was able to say: 
"I knew you would come. I have seen... And I know that you will 
regret this...Turn back while you..You cannot comprehend.."

This however didnt make Grillok hesitate as he butchered the woman
beyond reconizing. The combined power of the staff and bracelets
overwhelmed Grillok and who tested it upon his own troops. 
The remaining troops fled in horror...

Grillok had reached his destination. The circle of ancient.
Carefully he placed the staff to the center of the circle.
He placed the bracelts to the staff that looked like it had wings now.
And then he revealed the last piece what he had taken from Bindlo the hobbit.
He admired the amulet that according some legends has the soul of a dragon.
And as the amulet was placed, the staff resembled like a dragon.
Then he started chanting:

"Have your body"
"Grow your wings"
"Soul of a dragon, has no chains"

He chanted it again and again, and with every repeated time
the power grew. Grillok felt power and so he kept chanting...

- The Legend and heroes -

According to the current story telling of "Legend Of Three",
the three fought against a guardian dragon and defeated it.
From this dead dragons treasure cavern they took the Staff of the Ancient.
And with this staff any mortal was able control the dragons. The three used
the staff and killed every dragon. No dragons have been seen even since.
The known realm was ruled by evil ancient dragons old as the realm itself
and their children draconians. Every race had to bow the dragons and fear
of the dragons was mighty. These three however did the impossible.
Helped by the wizards who had discovered the location of the staff they
did this to save the realm. The Staff of Ancient was broken into three
parts. One part for each hero. Bracelets for Felron.
Staff for Mazzt and the Amulet for Bindlo. All of these items contained
the might of the dragons and made the heroes immortals.
Only a dragon could kill them, and none existed anymore ofcource.

Grillok however is one of the children of the ancient dragons and therefore
was able to wound the Felron enough to remove his bracelets.
The legend now a days was a fairy tale, and Grillok knew the truth better.
Grillok learned from the dying emperor that the dragons probably still exist.
The three was able somehow able to banish the dragons to another dimension.
In this Dimension the dragons sleep. Grillok also suspects that the Staff
of the Ancient is not real at all. Humans just dare not to speak of the truth.
So the truth was twisted and the legend turned into fairy tale. The Mazzt 
however had her towers filled with hints that made Grillok scratch his head
for a long time. Finally he realized that the staff of Ancient actually 
is the oldest of the dragons. The one dragon that truly has existed since 
the first dawn. He also understanded that somehow the three had trapped 
his Great Mother into a three pieces and by so doing they banished 
all the dragons.

"..has no chains!"
And the staff started to transform! 
First it was only a shape, then it grew wings..
From the staff formed ENOURMOUS golden dragon and as it opened its eyes
that flashed with flames and thunders it let out a ROAARRR!!! that surely
war hear by the entire realm.

- Free again -

...And there it was.
Lights and colours I didnt even know to exist.
Dimensions and things that makes words clumsy.
But what is this? And how did I reach this point.
Yes I remember....

Grillok standed alone with the Great Mother Dragon.
The world around them had changed and obviusly they were in some
other dimension. The dragon breathed out some smoke and a THUNDERING

Without hesitation Grillok answered:
"Free the dragons! Let the dragons roam the world again!"

The ENOURMOUS dragon raised his head high giving a asking look at
Grillok and asked: ARE YOU SURE THIS IS YOUR WILL?

"Yes, this is my will. Let dragons be free again!"
Grillok answered.
And Dragon simply said: "SO BE IT."
Grillok could feel the wakening of the dragons and the mere precence
of these Ancient creatures made his heart beat faster than ever.
Grillok felt unexplainable joy as his ancestors were free again
and all hes work was now compleate!

The Mother dragon Roared:
DID YOU DO THIS?" The mother dragon studied Grilloks sudden suprize.

And all of a sudden images and memories filled Grilloks mind.
Forcing him to understand the TRUTH of The Legend of Three.
The dragons had over the time turned evil, some of them atleast.
Dragons how ever are mighty but not many, and so the evil dragons
created a superior slave race. The draconians. With these slave 
armies the evil dragons ruled the realm. The Mother dragon is the 
neutrality itself and rarely bothered shepharding its offsprings.
It enjoyed more sleeping and dreaming. The evil dragons had made
sure that the Mother dragon would not be awaken, but the three was
able to reach and wake the mother dragon before it was too late.
The three was able to make the mother dragon to interfere the matters,
allowing the humans and other races to rule them selves again.

The mother dragon decided that all dragons would leave to the
dimensions of dreams. How ever the three was choosen as protectors 
of the realms, now as the dragons had left and they wielded the mother
dragons might. The three items combined could summon the mother dragon
into realm if needed. The might of Mother dragon was almost godlike and
it wanted to make things fair so the dragons could only be summoned back
by their blood slaves will. 
And so they left.

Grillok comprehended now that he had just wielded the power of the realm
in his hands.
And he just had just turned himself as slave...