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Library: =- Quo'tes and Quotes -=


Author: Cherad
Date:Jan 24 1997

Quo'tes and Quotes by Cherad the Grey Elf

I have dedicated this book to funny quotes from both the BatWorld and the
Great Unknown: RealLife (tm).
I truly hope you enjoy these quotes (once I get more written down). Even YOU
can help me in my task. Just TELL me (Cherad) if you happen to know a funny, 
sarcastic, whatever-quote from the BatWorld or the Great Unknown:
RealLife (tm).

Quo'tes and Quotes -

- "Optimist invented the sword, and pessimist invented the shield"
  Cherad the Grey Elf

=- The end of Quo'tes and Quotes - Hope to learn more later -=