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Library: Once upon time in MUD


Author: gidan
Date:Jun 3 2004

Once upon time in Mud.

Once there was a newbie, let's call him as Lollerboy, who wanted to do
exp/eq/cash. He was so enthusiastic about making new friends, experience
points and stuff, that he didnt do anything else beside mudding. He was online
24/7. Consequences were tragical. Hes school started to suffer not to mention
about hes relationships to hes friends and family. He didnt absolutely do
anything else, just sitted at hes computer playing this silly game.

When he had played this game for a 2y, he didnt have anymore any friends
outside game, he lived in a small apartment in suburb where he had only
furnitures matress on the floor and computer beside it. He didnt had graduated
like hes ex-friends, he didnt have job and he were'nt never been with a girl,
not even kissed one. 

One day he was coming from social workers office, from money scrounging trip,
he met this beautiful girl and fell in love at first sight. He thinked what to
say and waited outside the store where the girl had went that she would come
out. After 15 minutes of waiting she came out and guy went to her and stated
"Hi, im Lollerboy, whats your name?" Girl answered to him with pity in her
eyes that she was in a rush and run off. Boy wondered what had he done wrong
and went back hes empty hollow apartment, back to the game, where he rocked
like no other, and no risk that someone would hurt him like girl had done. 

Years went by and boy had became physically a man, atleast gained masses from
sitting at hes computer and eating nothing else then pizzas and such. Although
he was grown up hes mental level had stuck on mudding. He didnt do anything
else beside playing mud. He had done numerous amounts of experience, had
explored every place and done every eq mobs and quests in the game. He had own
city where hes friends lived and channels where he could chat with hes friends
when needed someone to talk to. He was happy. What else could he possibly wish
for or need. 

After all those long years playing game, making character more powerful and
becoming number one in a muds history, what had he gain that would be helpful
at hes life. It's just numbers and whether you liked or not, he had wasted hes

After years and years, Lollerboy was taking this labour offices course which
was mendatory if he wanted to stick on hes daily allowances, and founded
course very interested. He took 3 different courses on the same subject and in
notime got himself a first real job. After starting regular day job he had to
reduce playing dramatically since he had to get hes sleep so he would be brisk
at work. After a while being at hes new job he didnt play at all, he had quit
for a final time. He had made new friends at the office and they were hobbying
all sort of stuff. He also had started to date with one of the office girls
and nowadays hes married to this lovely woman. Hes happy, maybe differently
then when he was playing but definetly happy. 

Lesson of the story:

Although, even you had wasted your life in game, it's never too late to start
playing real life and become number 1 in your own life.

 - Whatever you do, do it good. -

*** Gidan ***