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Library: Don't eat abony black pill!


Author: lydd
Date:Jun 6 2004

You exclaim 'Soldiers of fate never surrender!' and eat your pill with some
hesitation. The pill tastes so bad that you just have to swallow it.
Hp:904/904 Sp:17/17 >That really HURT!
You writhe in pain as you feel POISON in your veins!
You are no longer stunned.
You fall unconscious from the pain.

You die.
You have a strange feeling.
You can see Death, clad in black, collect your corpse.

This world is an untroubled land of woodland and meadow, There are several
trading towns here, strung like pearls along Oceanus's banks - the largest of
these is Release From Care. To be here now, you must have done something good
during your life as a mortal.

Welcome to HEAVEN. You can now enjoy the land of fertile richness and
unsurpassed natural beauty, as you are waiting to be revived from your
non-corporeal state to normal character. You may ask for a resurrect. You can
use 'ghost' channel. If you do not get resurrected you may 'pray'. Type accept
for help about accepting reincs/resses. You can also see help pages by 'help'
There are no obvious exits.
Ghost of Paimon
Ghost of Raffe
Ghost of Od
Ghost of Morstor
The land is abundant enough to fulfill your all wishes.
Link Death arrives on his black stallion and drops Shishi here!

Or you'll be dead.