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Library: Tool of Destruction or Order


Author: searc
Date:Aug 18 2004

The night was just as ordinary as a night could be.
The air was bit damp and chilly, and dark as always.
It had nothing special in it, except the fact that this
particular night would change the future more than one 
was able to think.

The room was quite big, walls were made of stone and decorated
with expensive wood. It had a large bed in it and weapon racks
and armour stands all over the walls holding various and propably
expensive pieces of equipment. Only entrance was through massive
and beautifully decorated oak doors and on the opposite wall there
was a massive fireplace bearing a glowing weapon holder with some
family tree ornamented on it.

Someone heard increasing humming from the corridor -
Saw the great double-doors open, tightening his black cape
around him.
Dwarf in expensive looking nightgown walked in yawning
furiously but with satisfied appearance.
Suddenly short and stout fellow stopped and looked
around the room.
Nerin, dwarven noble blinked his eyes.
He still couldn't see it - if he would have been more
attentive, he could have seen the shadows shifting a bit -
But he couldn't.
Invisible ears almost heard Dwarf's heartbeat.
Invisible eyes saw panic rising in the castleowner.
Suddenly a loud scream filled the air:
Black figure in the shadows smiled.

     'This time it had been easy.'
     'There hadn't been any need for bloodshed,'
     'last time, when I had to kill 3guards, I'
     'almost blew up my cover'

He heard the footsteps of guards -
He saw them going by, but none of em saw him -
He still took last good look at the empty weapon rack, tapped 
the last Dragonslayer tied to his back and disappeared into the night.
No sign of a thief was found, but the rumour tells that
Nerin never stopped searching for the thief or his unique blade, which
had been possessed by his family for centuries.

     'Little history about this sword known as Dragonslayer:'
     'First of all, there is not much to tell, since they'
     'were all thought to be destructed centruries ago in'
     'the great upheaval. The rumours tell that it was like'
     'it had its own mind because when its wielder was able'
     'to deflect enemy's blow, it sometimes sort of took control'
     'and performed such a devastating counter-attack that no man'
     'or monster was left alive to tell about it.'
     'And as I said, they were thought to be gone because'
     'last time one was seen in a fight was a loooong time'
     'before Tiamat or his servants had even hatched.'
     You ask how do I know about this. Well, a good bard has
     his ears open even when he is at sleep. Or maybe it was
     a will of some bigger element, that wanted the world to

    No one knows who is the actual thief, but there  
    are many different theories:some think it was 
    someone from Nerin's own people, while some see drow's
    fingerprint on the scene, even some of the ancient 
    dragons are under suspect.

    No matter who the thief was, here it gets interesting:
    there has been numerous reports of 
    valuable and rare equipment and artifacts         
    disappearing all around the continent.

    There is no trace of eqs current whereabouts, were they
    sold to some rich collector or are they just hidden
    somewhere? Who knows, but one thing is for sure - if a mortal
    ever founds the treasure, he or she will almost instantly gain
    lots of power, maybe even too much for inexperienced shoulders.
  And one more thing, Be Warned! Those who seek the true power, would
  most likely do whatever they can to get such amazing pieces of
  stuff in their hands.