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Library: The Birth of the Shining Force


Author: timotei
Date:Aug 19 2004

'PUU-UUH!' he thought to himself once again silently.
Maybe if he would stare the dice and concentrate
really hard the '1' would somehow magically change
to a '100'. Now that seems highly unlikely but even
stranger things have been known to happen - he still
tried to convince himself that he did not AGAIN roll
a 1 after a truly painful and seemingly everlasting

This was not the first (nor the last) time for Timotei
to have pondered upon inflicting humongous amounts of
pain upon himself or those close to him after realising
how much time he had _again_ wasted on _other_ people's
fancy new equipment. Altough his poor dicing skills are
a curse for him, it is not entirely a bad thing as it
has lead to the composing of such great songs as 'Dice
Dice Baby!' and 'The Magic dice' which have cheered up
the not-so-lucky dicers all over the realm ever since.

After this sad event had been repeated for quite many
times - and nobody can really tell how many as even Timotei
himself has succesfully managed to block the worst cases
from his memory - it became obvious that something had
to be done. And by this I do not mean inflicting
humongous amounts of pain upon oneself, instead a much
more cunning plan. Having heard tales of people forming
so called secret societys of talented individuals with a
common goal it suddenly became obvious; he should gather
his most trusted friends and form up a magnificient
society where no-one should have to endure faith worse
than death - that is dicing for equipment.

With his newly found optimism and long-lost joy Timotei
rushed to tell his friends of this astounding idea. To
his surprise almost all of his friends already were
having similar thoughts so convincing them was no feat
at all. It was then decided that these loyal friends
should contact their friends who should contact their
friends until the news would have spread out like a giant
octopus with flailing tentacles of joy and happiness.

The society was almost a reality by now. All that was
missing was the name. Together the small bunch of good
friends pondered upon an old legend so distant and vague
that it almost was too fragile to think upon without
shattering it and casting it into the void for all
eternity. The legend was of the group of extremely
talented individuals who called themselves the Shining
Force. According to legend the Shining Force was made
up from friends from a placed called Guardiana who had
to fight the evil armies of Runefaust in order to stop
the evil Dark Sol from awakening the Dark Dragon who
would plunge the world into eternal darkness, but that
is a completely different story...

It was then decided by Timotei, Starshine, Drifter, 
Saldas and Tascruel that this legend, the legend of the
Shining Force, would guide them and their friends who
would from now on form a secret society based on
friendship and honor. The legend of the Shining Force
was thus reborn and no-one would have to roll '1' on a
dice ever again...

            ...story by Timotei, guildmaster of sforce+