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Library: bardtale grimoor


Author: dolan
Date:Aug 25 2004

Long time ago, a baby boy was born. His name was Grimoor. Ever since he could
stand and he would wonder off to the woods to explore the new world. By the
time grimoor got to the age of 16, he was granted his first sword. Soon after
that he started researching different cults of blademasters and soon found
himself as an apprentice for Draen-Dalar himself. The first thing draen-dalar
tought grimoor was that he wasn't supposed to see anybody else except his
master. After a period of 3 weeks, draen-dalar saw grimoor, all covered with
blood and asked him what had happened. Grimoor replied that he did as he was
told, he had gone to massacre his whole family.

Little did he know, his mother was waiting for another child. She was destined
to become the leader of all that is good. Once she found out that her brother
grimoor had killed their family, she swore to destroy everything evil and
started practicing Dispel Evil at a local Nun monastery. As grimoor grew in
power and in hate for all that is good, he was soon to be more powerful than
draen-dalar himself.

As grimoor grew in power, draen-dalar assigned him more challenging missions
everytime.. grimoor was getting unstopable.. He vanquished his enemies one by
one and it is rumoured that he wiped out a whole nation with his trusty chaos
blade. Draen-dalar had no choice but to test his apprentices might in a fight
to the death. Draen-dalar was confident that no mortal in the world would be
able to defeat him. 

Grimoor had gained enough knowledge about the forces of chaos and with a
mighty swing he cut draen-dalar in half. Draen-dalar was dying slowly and
painfully and he realised that he had created an ultimate killing machine, a
machine with no feelings for sorrow or misery. Draen-dalar begged grimoor to
spare his life and pray to burglefloogah to save him and make him immortal.
His prayers were answered. Draen-dalar being an immortal god of evil and
grimoor as the lord of chaos, they would theoretically rule the whole world.
Burglefloogah granted grimoor the ultimate army to take control of the whole

Grimoor plunged and raped every village in his path for decades not knowing
about the forces of good that were lurking in every corner of the world. Cult
of nuns were getting stronger and stronger too while dispelling the world of
evil, they knew there was going to be only one ruler of the world and it
wasn't going to be Nuns and Lords of chaos at the same time.

Grimoor had realised that he must kill and rape his own sister to enable him
to conquer the world without trouble. Grimoor gathered his army and started
heading for the nun monastery. The nuns had foreseen this attack and were
getting ready to defend themselves against all evil.
Celestial funfair echoed in the sky as the nuns were getting ready, they armed
themselves with their beloved crosses and prayed for mercy. Chaos knights lead
by grimoor were practicing every single maneuver they knew and honing their
skills before the battle.

Next morning, the two armies finally met in old central park for a duel to the
death. Slowly, one by one they started swing their swords and chanting ancient
lores at each other. Blood started spilling everywhere due to the frenzy in
the air from both the nuns and chaos knights. One by one, knights and nuns
droped dead to the ground, staggering for their last breaths and chanting 'For
king and country'.

After weeks of battling, only grimoor and his sister were left alive, both
exhausted from the long and merciless battle that draen-dalar had commanded
him to complete. They stood face to face, scarred everywhere and as blood
poured from their wounds, they just stood there doing nothing. Suddenly the
whole world froze, all eyes gazed upon them. Sinister screams of pain and
agony echoed through the battlefield and said:

Thou shalt not kill one another,
Thou shall respect each others peace,
Thou shall live in unity for all ages.
Thou cannot kill each other.

They both swore to live in unity forever, or be doomed to the plane existence
we never heard of. So they made peace with the god and headed back to their
guilds. Now they both are recruiting elite followers who are sworn to destroy
each other and so the legend of Grimoor the Ultimate Lord Of Chaos lives on
and is said that he has single handedly killed thousands of enemies. He is as
mean as a bull and as vicious as a cobra... all of his enemies are
unfortunately dead. 

From their promice to the gods, came the neverending battle of good versus
evil. Both sides equal in power have never kept these lands safe. Civil wars
break out every now and then between a LoC and a Nun, armed with purity and
furious rage and anger. This battle will never fade away, history will be
made, legends to be told and myths passed on from generation to generation of
these guilds followers.