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Library: Nomar Remembers


Author: yrden
Date:Sep 20 2004

Nomar remembers, by Yrden, September 20, 2004

Nomar doesn't know what to think of this, he is now a sorcerer?
The salesman told him the cloth was magical, but he didn't
really believe it. But here he was dressed in a sorcerers outfit and
with total inside knowledge into magic itself.

'What would happen if I removed the gloves again?', Nomar thought to
himself. And he removed his newly made yellow gloves.
Nothing happened. He still remained dressed in his sorcerer's outfit
and he still possessed the knowledge of magic.

'What to do? what is the reason behind this', Nomar thought to himself.
And he walked over to the mirror to look at his outfit. But when he looked
at the mirror he was shocked, not only did his outfit change, but it was
a different face looking back from the mirror.

Nomar stared at the mirror. Somehow the face seemed familiar to him, but he
couldn't remember where he had seen it before. Then suddenly he remembered,
it was his own face, 'but how?'. Nomar searched his memory for the answers.

He thought about his life, he remembered his youth, studying at the
magicschool, his friends, his adventures, and then suddenly he was
a tailor. And not only was he a tailor, but somehow his memories had
been altered. This wasn't right he wasn't a tailor, he was a sorcerer.

He tried to think what had happened before his life as a tailor. Before his
recent transformation into a sorcerer he had believed he had been a tailor
all of his life. But his new found memories lead to believe otherwise.

Only six months ago he was still with his friends fighting an evil wizard,
in Uttenherd, a country far in the north. His last memory, before his life
as a tailor, was of him and his friends entering the wizards castle.

It was night and they moved carefully through the corridors under the castle.
It took them two weeks to figure out how to enter the castle, but finaly
they found a way. They walked carefully through the dark corridors, watching
out for traps, luckily Elwar, a young elven girl, that had been with the
group for only three years, after Horal unfortunately passed away, was very
skilled in detecting and disarming traps.

They had to reach the wizards laboratory and steal the Eye of Kholan, a big
red ruby empowered with elven magic and capable of bending reality if used
properly. They had to retrieve this gem before the evil wizard, whose name
was Wlero, could use it for his evil plans.

Elwar had sofar succesfully disarmed three traps, hidden in the corridors
under the castle, and they had reached a staircase going up. They had to go
up, towards the tower which was in the centre of the castle.

They had to hurry, because it was only a matter of time before the other
guards would discover that there were guards missing. They had slain about
seven guards sofar, whose bodies they had hidden away, invisible.

They took the stairs to the next floor, they didn't have much time, so Elwar
wasn't given enough time to detect the trap on the stairs, however as they
ran up the stairs, from behind Nomar, whose name was infact Nomar, unchanged
by whatever had happened to him, heard Elwar call out 'trap!'

But it was too late, Taeq, the huge half-giant fighter had stepped
on the wrong spot and there was a blinding flash of light, a
little blueish light it was. And then the memories of Nomar ended.

Somehow the next day he woke up in the town Yrden and had forgotten all about
his previous life. Somehow Wlero must have been able to use the Eye of
Kohlan and bended reality for Nomar and the others?

'the others, What had happened to them?' Nomar thought.