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Library: Biography of me


Author: Akvavitix
Date:Sep 24 2002

It was the beginning of 1997. My class had been in a adp-classroom, and I was
wondering what some of my classmates were doing... It was like they were doing
something secretly, behind the teacher's back. And that didn't just stay
inside classes, but in breaks and in freetime also. All I could make sense
back then, was just some black text running on a white background, and I've
seen same kind of stuff in my unix-classes. But why would they just use their
time doing something as boring as it looked like.

Finally, wondering enough time, I asked them what the hell is that text
swarming in the computer screen. They replied it was just batmud. "Just
batmud?", I remember myself asking then, "How can it be so interesting, 'cause
I really can't make any sense out of it, bet you can't even read all the text
passing by the screen at insane speed!". They just told me that eventually
you'll get into the game when playing some time... I'll introduce them, some
of them have been removed, retired or even suicided - They were Mendol,
Kumimies and Saragon, who was the first mudder I knew personally. He helped me
a bit when I started. 

My first characted in BatMUD was named as Prober, but after going linkdead and
coming back after winter holidays, my characted was removed. Then I created
Universe, played a bit with that. Then some idiot stole that char using some
bug which had to do something with level 29 or something, you'll see my name
in his plan too. After the loss of Universe, I created Akvavitix.

I played about a year. Starting as a civilized mage, and doing my first 100k
as a civmage, then reincing as a merchant when they got the money as soon as
you took the minerals into the exchange. From merchanting I reinced into a
healer, which i stayed until something like 2megs or so. Being as a tarmalen,
I got myself a room from the player valley. After some time when I didn't
play, someone raided my castle and I then lost my chest. After that I went on
a looong break, which lasted about 2 years. I went into the army in the
meantime, met a batmudder there, can't remember his name anymore. And after
the army got back into the school and my good friend was mudding there, his
name was Mikkouer. He persuaded me back to mud, and I decided to play again.
It looked overwhelming when I started again playing, since this mud had gone
through some changes, which I won't analyze now. First year I was playing from
school, and had something like 80 days on my age, but then I got connection at
my home and now my age is around 280d, and I've had that connection a bit over
a year.

So, back to my progress. When I started again playing, Mikkouer told me that I
should take my Giant as my race, and a Ranger as my guild. My first weapon, if
you don't count a wood battleaxe, was two Slicers. When i made some money, I
sold those away and bought two Marion Axes. There I hacked'n'slashed monsters
until I reached magical 10megs, and reinced into a cromagnon Ranger. And took
my levels as high as 50. Some time passed and I got 18 megs, it was time for
another reincarnation. This time I heard about Tigers, what were they? They
seemed cool as a guild. I asked Mikkouer about it, and two other mudders,
Blayne and Dornier. I remembered I saw Dornier when I was a tarmalen back in
1998 or so, but didn't know him much. Blayne suggested that I should take
priest levels in addition with the tiger levels, so I could get cure light
wounds, but tigers had that until 65%, and I decided not to take priests with
me now. As a tiger I made exp until 46megs, as a level 46 (with 1 lord of
chaos level to build up my blade). 

Reinc-time again, now again in tigers. I made exp until 80megs, and decided to
make a tigerspider. But soon I noticed that sucking also, because now you had
more hps from the demon, but still that sucky 65% clw. So after a month I
reinced away again, now into a merchant-alch, as it had fascinated me. But
being as a merchant-alch, recovering from mining sucked, as it took forever to
regain eps. I reinced again, now merchant-bard. I realized that bards are an
interesting guild to play, so I started kbh'ing the spellsongs, and learning
stuff from libraries etc. After making money for good spr eqset, I made again
tarmalen, after five years, now with full druid levels. I was in that guild
for about a month, mainly bored because you can't solo as a tarmadruid, so
idled some time.

When I got bored as a tarmalen, I decided to make a
tiger(full)-spider(26)-priest (12) combo, and that finally was a combination
which I liked. Until there wasn't much space to spend exp. Blaah again. Now I
have about 155 megs, and reinc-time was in hand again.

Now I'm as a full merchant and a full bard. Well, not yet a full bard as I
must write this "tale" in order to advance, and kbh'in the rest of the songs.
This is a biography of my life in BatMUD(tm). I hope you'll enjoy reading it
(or don't toss it in the trashcan).  Over and out.

Akvavitix Chimaera.