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Library: The man with evil desires


Author: sai
Date:Oct 24 2004

The man with evil desires

     Once upon a time, there was this inexperienced adventurer, 
he was called Ernesto. Ernesto was very eager to
become the greatest thief in the history. He was constantly
trying to pick pocket other adventurers at the market
place and other places. 

     Then there was this one time, when
he hit his eyes on a wrong guy, but hey, Ernesto didn't know
who he was. This was his day of bad luck, he went behind him 
and started to zoom what worth of stealing this guy
would have. Very big two-handed sword was hanging from this
guys belt, and that was the thing Ernesto wanted to have,
he took his pocket knife and prepared to cut off the sheaths
strings. The guy was just standing and watching into
the crowd, like nothing was wrong, Ernesto finally got the
strings cut and took the sword, started running away, when all
of a sudden.... this guy turns around and chants some strange 
words Ernesto didn't recognize. 'vorek ky taree', Ernesto was
paralyzed, left standing like a statue, even though he wasn't 
able to move, he could speak, he tried to yell for
help but everyone saw him holding the sword and they knew who
it belonged to: Hubertus. Hubertus was one of the
most respected persons in the city, he was rich and powerful.
Now Ernesto is standing there unable to move a single
limb, waiting for the guards to come to take him to jail.
Hubertus walks to him and takes his sword back, whispers
something to his ear and walks away. Finally the city guards
come and they instantly know what has happened, Ernesto
is taken into city jail and thrown into a cell. After a few 
hours his limbs start moving again, he is very relieved,
since he thought the paralyze could've been permanent.

     It's almost sunset, Ernesto starts thinking about the 
things that happened today. After sun has set Ernesto falls asleep
in his cold cell, suddenly he wakes up to a whisper from outside.
He tries to reach to the bars in the window to see who is there,
he's astonished to see that the one who is standing outside is 
the same man from whom he tried to steal the sword. He whispered again,
'everything doesn't always be as they seem, I'll get you out of there'.
In a blink of an eye, Ernesto was standing beside Hubertus,
Hubertus introduced himself as Hubertus, while being
a bit shaken, Ernesto mumbled his name and thanked Hubertus
for getting him out, but he still couldn't figure out
why he first left him paralyzed in the market place and now came
to help him to get out of the jail, and even better
even though he tried to steal Hubertus' sword he helped him. 
Hubertus points his finger to a direction out of the city and says
'that's where we go and I'll explain all of it to you'. And off
they went.

     They arrived under a very large and old oak. Hubertus snapped
his fingers and a secret passage opened in the tree going directly
under the ground. Spiral stairs were built to enable easy way downwards,
even though they looked old they were still very sturdy and
would've supported even a troll, if one could've fit into the
passage. After a few minutes of walking they arrive to a door,
it has on lock on it, no door knob, nothing, just plain door. Hubertus knocks
on the door and there's a voice asking for a password. Hubertus
mumbles 'dagger' and the door opens. Behind is a sly
looking guy who grins wickedly at Hubertus while they both walk in.

     They arrive in a round room, all walls are covered with bookshelves,
though no books are in them, they are totally empty.
Three guys are sitting by a round table in the middle of the room,
playing poker. When they notice the newcomers, they
all stand up quickly and hail Hubertus as if he was somekind of 
boss. Hubertus starts speaking:

     'This is our lair, the guild of thieves. These four men are
the only members at the moment, nowadays it is very hard
to get by, by just stealing, that's why there are so few of us.
I brought you here, to welcome you to join us, and now it is
impossible for you to back up, you've seen our place, so this
is what you will do. I am the leader of this guild, I will
have a share of everything you acquire. There are things here
you can buy or borrow to improve your skills.'

He stands quiet for a while and continues.

     'There is one big job, we have been planning. Raid
the castle of old Carlomar, he has been collecting valuable things for
a century now. This gig would make us rich as hell and
help us get more members. So you, Ernesto will be the one who
shall acquire the combo to his vault. There are five
dials and each of them ten numbers in his vault so just testing
every combo would take forever and we don't have that
time, guards will get there in ten minutes. Now, eat, get rest and
look for things you might need in your mission. I will
provide you the map of the castle and some other information
which might become handy.'

     Hubertus goes by one bookshelf at the wall, moves it
and reveals a hidden container, he takes a map and some
other papers, gives them to Ernesto and tells him to study them well.

     Ernesto passionately starts reading the documents,
while one of the other men brings him some bread and dried meat to eat.
After a while he is satisfied and is sure to remember everything,
and starts resting in a small bed on the one side of
the round room. He falls asleep..... bad dreams come to him,
horrible nightmares. Suddenly he wakes up....

He is in the city cell. - 'WHAT THE HELL! he screams'.
Was it just a dream? You'll never know.

Later that day he was sentenced to death by hanging...

That's the story of a man with evil desires.