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Library: Legacy, concerning runemages


Author: captnapalm
Date:Oct 31 2004

This is collection of notes and drawings, scribbles stained.
Someone has obviously pinned it here for a reason. It's titled 'Legacy'.
Here seems to be the first few pages of the collection.

The Faculte of Runemagi - Getting started

Ok, pal. You managed to join the Faculte like we pretty much feared and
anticipated. Forget the free umbrella drinks and easy life as a fancy conjurer
of runic lore. None of those rumors were true. This is a collection of tips
and walkthroughs to get you started and not entirely disgrace our guild. Well
not a walkthrough, a few pointers to help you take your first steps and stop

'What do I need?', you ask yourself.

Assumption #1
You have gathered and gained experience through your career and spent some of
it on levels and advanced. You did 'step on pedestal' at Reuben did you?
First thing to remember is to save some experience for your runeshelf.
Runeshelf is a storage for your future runestones. Runestones are needed to
grant your incantations power. Our world doesn't rely on magic words, but
ancient magic bound to runes. Take a deep breath. 

Ancient secrets in runes, runes to runestones, runestones to runeshelf. And
for your runeshelf you need to spend some experience. Check Janell downstairs
for 'list' and costs. Experience isn't lost, you just reserve part of your
power to it like you would train a regular skill.

Ok, the shelf. Size doesn't matter, small shelf can be adequate if you know
how to use it. Har har. You need a slot for every rune or runestone if you
will. Four slots means four runes, fourteen .. well you're not that stupid. 
(here's a reminder to assumption #2: 'check what runes do'

Assumption #2
You know that runic magic can be weaved chanting runes. You say aloud few
words and things happen. Later you will get to know how runes are found and
utilized. First let's clear out the shelf size dilemma.

Runemagic comes in three forms. You've received your three basic runestones as
a gift when you joined. One for offensive runemagic, one for defensive and the
last for neutral. Don't worry if you already lost them. 

Important: Runemagic grammar as follows.
You chant 'baserune rune1 rune2 rune3'.
Having read that again, some questions arise. Rune appears in successful chant
only once. Some runes appear in several chants, some in only one. There are
runes resembling common words like 'at' or 'protect'. Runes possess an ancient
language that can be translated or cracked if you will. So these runes can
appear in typical situations. Thus, having a 10 slot shelf can mean you cast
three different spells with it (lets say base + 3 runes,base + 3, base +3) of
a certain main type OR more if some of the runes appears repeatedly. This is
likely to happen if you decide to concentrate on offensive spells for example.

Get as big a runeshelf as possible in your early days. It helps you to test
your rune combos for spells. More slots, less trouble with changing
Runeshelves will be located underground campus. 'Ask Ignas about crypt'
upstairs. They change places every day. There will also be a chest to store
your runestones. Don't worry, things seem pretty new and complicated right now
but there's hope. Review the Legacy and listen to ol' Winston upstairs for
problem solving.
(another handwriting: They're not that stupid :) write about the rune research

Then theres a big round stain, like from a coffee mug.

The Faculte of Runemagi - Runic research

So you've managed to get your levels and a shelf. How about skills. Mean
Ethelwine, the tutor of the Faculte will give you hard time. Few pointers what
you should train first.

Skills needed to start:

|Runic research - your best friend for the next couple of weeks
|Plant lore and Mining - essential for understanding nature and possible
hidden runes
|Method of runemagery - arcane skill to help fully understand hidden runes

Train these first and head out for the big open. Try 'use runic research at '
every tree or stone or mineral deposit etc. you seem to understand. Repeat.
Suffer. Repeat. Be sure you carry some rope and a shovel when you're
researching out there.

You will find some runes eventually. Check your tome for 'runes'. Your
progress will be marked there. Research enough to see one rune, whatever,
reach (###..##) status. It will be first marked with [###...] or so brackets.
() will mean the rune becomes usable. Repeat. Work all your runes to usable
condition. And funny enough, just when you thought you've mastered them all,
theres more! Research and repeat. Is some rune gives you extra resistance, try
'use runic at something try _rune_'

Important: Sometimes you shall get a brain fart and actually think you
understand what the rune stands for. Write this information down somewhere for
future, it's precious. Runemagery isn't easy but there's a method.

Skills needed to try to be a spell casting runemage:

|Runescribing - needed to write the rune to a runestone created with following
|Craft runestone - doh

Train these if you plan to study the Faculte for awhile. Runestones come in
different forms and sizes, hold different powers yet to be released. You can
always buy stones to your liking from guild shop upstairs. But hey, do you
really wanna go offshore in your neighbour's feeble boat? No. You make 'em,
you know 'em, you can trust 'em. 

(different handwriting, this time in red: HAha, took you long coming up up
with that!? funny fella .. seriously, tell something about those combos..)

Remeber to keep yo .. remmeber to .. happy now? Got me mixed up ..

(yet another coffee stain, yes definitely coffee)

Remember to keep your chisel and hammer ready if you're carving runestones.
Try using 'craft runestone at amount' to reveal how much material is required.
As in every case, use as good as materials as possible. Quality counts. Not
all materials are suitable for runestones, word stone emphasized.

Let's still assume your a beginner and eager to find your runes and first
runespells. So you're going to buy your stones from Alyssa, ok. This is gonna
take a while. I think I'm going to continue tomorrow.

(Reference here to some assumption about what runes do, weird)

The Faculte of Runemagi - The essence of runic lore

Assumption #3

You have advanced, invested in a shelf and researched runes enough to fully
understand them and made them usable. You have become aware of the fact that
you can craft your own runestones or buy them from the shop. You understand
that a runestone for every rune must exist in your runeshelf if you want to
chant them. You have gathered precious bits of information about certain runes
what they might represent. You think you're in bloom.

Your journey is yet to begin. 

Head to your crypt and runeshelf. Gather your notes from your research and
those little bits of information you've found. Think. Is there possibly some
rune you think is related to something, maybe even to each other? Is there
some runes that seem to be related in some special way. Think again. There is
a logic behind what your ancestors have written in trees and stones. Think
before you act, and if you act, make notes of what you do.

I know, you're on the run now and impossible to stop. Eager to try all those
runes you've researched for the past few weeks. Some words of advice still.

Concentrate on what you know and found out researching, don't try to guess.
It's not lottery or alchemy, it's runemagery.

Important: When you find a meaning for a rune it's permanent. The rune you
think means 'light' or 'poison' really does. It doesn't mean anything else, so
you can forget that particular rune from further studies. Of course there are
runes that appear in several chants but you'll recognise them too. They're
precious in their own special way and appear wide.

You can chant runic combos where ever you want if you got those runestones in
your shelf. This makes the crypt a pleasant place to study those combos.
You're free to change stones in your shelf how ever you like. You can try your
combos without any present targets. When you hit the jackpot you'll notice.
You feel you just did something but lacked a target for your supreme mayhem or
everlasting wonder. Check 'runespells' when you think you did so.

(rude hasty marking on side: this on there's no point, they'll never listen)

Last entry: ..when this gets finished we'll just write here names of everyone
who participated and call this 'Legacy' and pass it on to joinees. And add
some rude pictures and gossips and a how-to guide to that what we did last
anniversary with Alyssa..

(beautiful penmanship writes bottom: You wish! xxx)