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Library: The Creation, a Bards Tale


Author: calmar
Date:Nov 14 2004

In the beginning there was darkness. Then a being of power emerged. The being
had no form or name but it was living. It waited in the darkness and finally
said "Oh fuck, this is boring. But hey I could create something funny". And
thus the first beer was made soon the second and third until the first vodka
was created. This continued until the being stammered "Tish is cool". A while
passed and it spoke again, "My life is empty, I have no purpose". The being
crawled in self pity and misery until a thought occurred "Hey I am omnipotent,
I can create anything". Thus world was created to fill the emptiness in the

At first world was an empty place just pile of rocks that floated in
emptiness. But for a while this was enough and the power spoke "Hey I think I
will have something new" and thus drugs were formed. Soon the being proclaimed
that "UUUAAAAHHH I reeechheeed a new level, yeah man. Now I know what to do".
Soon beings with some minor part of its power emerged. At first they were
simple creatures that just lived a while and died when the energy was
consumed. Because creating the same ones all the time was tedious job the
being gave those ways to reproduce and made and algorithm how the new ones
were formed. But because of its condition it made few errors. After watching
the reproducing for a while it noticed that it looked like a lot fun and said
"Ill try thattt too". Thus it started to make a mating partner but sadly
passed out before it was ready and only a ball of energy was left behind. 

After some time it woke up again. At first it felt only pain. You know that
horrible throbbing pain behind your eyes that has no relive. Well just that
but it had no eyes and thus the whole being felt the same pain. In this state
it started to perceive it surroundings and noticed the rock it created and
noticed something funny about those creatures it created. There were new ones
and lots of them. It seemed that they were in quite different levels also but
having a horrible hangover made thinking hard. The being wailed in pain "Drugs
and alcohol just don't mix, mmkay" and "I will never drink again". But it was
being of awesome power so it just removed the hangover with a snap of its
fingers and also returned all memories that were bit vague (sadly this command
is reserved only for omnipotent beings mortals do not have access to it). Then
it realized what it had done. "Oh fuck there is a bug in my creation". Small
error but still it made some copying errors while reproducing. "Well I could
go and see what kind of creatures there are".

The being saw that there were really several races and all were formed form
the same code it created. There seemingly were three races with some kind of
concept of self. Two of them lived in the sea and were quite peaceful but the
third lived on ground and was a builder race. They had structures that were
called buildings and they used machines to move a lot faster then their frail
form could do. They also had internet, this seemed exciting to the being and
it started to look closer. There were all sorts of chats and games that you
could play with other people but they were quite boring because most members
of that race were idiots. After a while it noticed a funny text based game
called BATMUD. "That look interesting, I think ill give it a try".