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Library: Young Bards Tale


Author: gitador
Date:Nov 26 2004

It was a stormy dark autumn night. Wind was blowing with full force and the
full moon was gleaming. I was travelling through the dark forests of Kara'tur.
I rushed my pace as the storm was growing stronger. Looking around, searching
for shelter i stumbled in the dark forest. Rain was heavy and the whipping
hits, felt like too much to bare.

Finally i found a clear spot in the forest. A small square surrounded  by
stone pillars looked like a perfect place for me to build a camp. Soon i had a
little campfire warming my tired body.

I took my flute from my packbag and started to play a new tune I just had
learned from a strange wanderer.It was called 'Venturers Way'. Soon i felt
like my endurance was restoring quite fast and i felt much better.

Traveller have to eat i thought, and started to cook a juicy pheasant i had
hunted down earlier. That was prolly the biggest mistake a human could do at
that point.

I'm sure i heard some movement in the dark and gloomy forest. Some strange
sounds and chanting just a bit behind me. I leaned back to feel the cold touch
of one of the stone pillars. SO i could even know what's behind me.

The movement in the shadows sounded more aggressive. Every moment that passed
by seemed to bring the movement a bit closer to my campfire. My heart started
to pound more rapidly. Cold drop of swet rolled down on my forehead. I was
more scared that i had ever been.

Suddenly the Ankh hanging from my neck started to glow and it gave me a great
feeling of comfort, and i raised my flute and started to play some soothing

There was no fear, i was all calm, silence surrounded me... ready to face my
destiny. I closed my eyes, and just played my flute. The storming sound of
movement had grown faster and it had moved closer. Suddenly i felt a ripping
pain on my neck, and fall unconsius from the pain.

Few days must have rolled past, while i was not consious about this world.
When i woked up, i felt all was hard to even see first. I started
to cough and got scared by the sound of my own voice. How in the hell could it
be so rough. When i raised my hand to cover my eyes from the bright sunlight,
I saw something strange. My hand was all hairy, well,it wasn't a hand was a claw. I started to study myself, and found myself all hairy
and muscular.

Finally i realized what had happened. It must have been a bite from a
werewolf... And i had turned into Lycanthrope.

So i gathered my stuff, and left my ripped campfire behind... Now i wander in
the woods as a wolfmen...all alone, howling for the moon.