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Library: Space Race


Author: shadowwar
Date:Dec 22 2004

It´s november, year 2124. Commander Jack and he´s crew are on their way to
home  after long war that has lasted already 11 years. Commander Jack looks
kind of  upset and he sighs: "People, we have fought too long. Don´t you think
we have;done enough for our federation?" He continues: "I´ve been thinking. I
know we;got valuable items of our enemies onboard and we are supposed to bring
them to;our homeplanet. I´ve been told that these items are very important for
'our' cause.;These assure the victory of 'our' federation, so this is how we
are going to do. We ;demand ransoms for these items and if everything goes
well, we can dissapear in;Andromeda's solarsystem. We will be so rich that we
won´t need to work ever again."

Everyone seemed to be ok with commanders new plan except one guy. He was new
on the  ship and very young. Commander had some doubts about him but nothing
solid. Federation started looking for their shipwreck because they thought it
had been destroyed. After couple weeks Commander Jack sent ransomdemand to the

Federation leaders were very furious because of this unpatriotic action.
Commander Jack  told in the message "Dont bother looking for us. We have
dissapeared and you cannot ;find us anymore." Federation accepted the deal
because it was very important to get  new military information from these
items. They asked Commander to bring items to neutral space and complete the
transfer of goods. 

Jack and he´s crew were on their way when sudden explosion took place. Ship
shook very violently and they heard horrible sounds. Commander Jack demanded
for a damage report. Computer responded "hyperdrive engine offline, life
support 70% and descending, hazardous ;areas isolated." 

Commander wiped sweat from his forehead and went to see the real thing. He
realized that  when they didn´t have hyperdrive they were sitting ducks. They
had to repair it fast before federation could find them with deep space radar.
He said "Everyone, you must repair those;things as fast as you can. Our lives
depend on those!" Commander got a suspicious look on  his face. Everyone knew
what he was thinking. Sabotage

Life support was runing only 50% and it was hard to breathe. Jack was anxious
and sweating like a pig. "It´s way too hot in here! Let me fix it." he said.
He grasped on a wrench and  threw it at life support engine. Suddently engine
started sparkling and it made very weird noise. Finally it came back online
and life support started to increase. 

"Well do I have to do everything by my self?" he blurted proudly. 

Everyone started to bustle and soon hyperdrive was repaired. Jack proudly
informed  "This why I have selected you in my crew people. You make things
work." They bounced  back to the hyperdrive.

Jack asked his security to investigate what had happened in there. Security
officer inquired "Sir, what do we do if we find something?" Jack replied "Let
me know what ever you find. I´ll;look it up more closely afterwards."

After couple of hours officer came and whispered to the Jack "Someone had
bypassed our ;security protocols and put too big power feed to the engine. It
heated too much and ;blew up due that action. Lifesupport damaging was an
accident I think. It was just too close;to the explosion." Jack rised his
eyebrow and said "Just what I thought." He whispered back We have a saboteur

Commander Jack noticed new guy messing up with main console. Jack shouted "Oi,
what are;you doing? New guy started to shiver a bit and he got nervous. Jack
looked at the console;and spotted that he was inserting new cordinates for the
computer. Jack´s eyes swelled ;greatly and he hit cancel button saying "NO.
NO. NO. NO. Why did you do that?" ;Newbie replied "I´m not unpatriotic ass
like you guys. You should be executed immediately. Just wait till federation
gets you. I´ll tell them everything!"

Jack pointed newbie´s face with one finger and said "You ain´t telling
nothing." Jack pulled out lazer pistol and shot newbie in the head. He said
"Someone please  dump this rotting corpse in the space. It makes me sick.

Jack and crew arrived at the place of meeting. They saw nothing but stars.
Jack thought in his mind "Ok. What´s going on now..." Suddently good vanished
in a beam of light. Jack was  like "What the? Open hyperdrive, FAST!" All the
sudden four plasma torpedos arrived  out of nowhere. 

Ship mannaged to jump into hyperdrive but they got hit by one torpedo. Jack
shouted "Ok ;lads, We´re going down!" They came out of hyperdrive and crashed
with somewhat high speed into one planet. It was far from Andromeda´s galaxy.
No sign of humans nor aliens, just animals. Ship was heavily damaged during
crashland. No way they could fix it now. Jack informed "Seems ;like we´re
going to be here for a while."

No one haven´t heard of them ever since. No more commander Jack nor his crew.