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Library: The Snotling Farm


Author: malitrius
Date:Jan 9 2005

A strange place exists on an island close to Donaru, the place
is exotic in it is own way. The off-the-beaten-track adventurer
usually go here to see the full glory of what the shrewdness of 
the human mind can create. During the goblinoid wars 300 years ago,
the Harazam mages created a weird experiment. They had managed to 
capture a few strange goblinoids, which are called snotlings. After 
months of research, the Harazam mages were amazed of their ability to 
survive in any conditions. During the wars it was also understood 
that the snotlings were brought along as food for their war trolls. 
Since they already have  several troll captives, they came up with 
this extremely bright idea to create a snotling farm. 

The farm was  built on one of the islands outside Donaru and they placed 
the troll  and a couple  of snotlings there. The farm covers around 
10000 square  meters and is surrounded by a tall stone wall to prevent 
anyone from  escaping the farm. To be really sure that no one escaped, 
magic was of course used as well. The troll was magically empowered so 
that it would never age. Then they left the island and the idea was to see if 
the snotlings could adapt and survive this hostile environment and maybe 
someday manage to kill the troll. 

The island is no longer under the  watchful eyes of the Harazam mages and it 
is quite easy to sneak over the gate  and take a look at the snootling 
farm for yourself. Beware of the troll though, it is usually quite peaceful 
and very satisfied with eating snotlings. And do NOT anger it, it's a very 
cunning and old troll and the  troll is sight of itself and should be left 
for other adventurers to see. An intersting fact is that the snotling has 
named this troll 'Death', which is a quite suitable name from their point 
of view. Since the majority of the snotlings end their days in his stomach. 

The place is a quite disgusting and miserable in fact, snotling have the 
ability to multiply very easily and live out of nothing. So the place is 
crowded with corpses of snotlings or by so miserable snotlings that 
should already be dead. Well beside the funguses that the snotlings grow
as food. One more thing to notice is that the snotlings have managed to 
evolve during their years on the island and you can find snotlings in 
all kind of colors, even though their original color is green. Some 
adventureres even claim that they have seen a device that they have created,  
which would have the potential to kill the troll. That is probably only a
rumour though.

Oh well a last remark, each year there is a contest that Methuselah (owner
of The Bowl) arranges. The contest is arranged in secret, the Juzam mages
would be outraged if they would catch them exercising their game,
'the Snotling Throw'. It is simple, whoever throws a snotling the longest