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Library: Black Sands


Author: Dementia
Date:Sep 27 1997

"He's waking! Back up, give him room." His eyelids slowly opened, flooding his
mind with an image of a large stone room, no windows. A small, old man was
holding him; he was to weak to support himself.

"Rest easy now. Can you tell me your name?"

" No, I don't...remember. I don't remember who I am."

He tried to bring up memories, anything that might give him a clue as to his
past, but all he could bring up was blackness. He couldn't remember. He
couldn't remember his name, what his face looked like, his mother, nothing. He
tried to concentrate, to force the reluctant memories to surface, but to no

"It's gonna be okay. You get your memory back, eventually. Why, for a year I
couldn't remember a thing, but eventually it all came back. Don't you fret

He squinted his eyes, trying for the memory agian. He then noticed something
cold on his chest. He looked and saw a medallion with and odd symbol on it, a
'Y' with two vertical slashes on the stem. When he saw it, something jumped up
in his head to fill the void. "DEMENTIA". It had a familar sound to it.

"I...I think my name is...Dementia."

"Humph. That's an odd name, but if thats what you want to be called, it's fine
by me."