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Library: A man who became a child lover.


Author: heihachi
Date:Jan 27 2005

Once upon a time in a far far land there was a man who could not stand
children. When time came for the family to get together over the holiday's or
family gathering's, he couldn't bring it to himself to even hold or sometimes
even play with them. His uncle steven would always mess with him saying stuff
like "You little sissy" and "Whats your problem anyways, they are just kids"
and he still wouldn't do it. Something was about children to him, the noise,
the smell, who knows. Then one day he was working his ass off like he does
everyday eight too five, his sister called with some news that would change
his life forever. A baby girl! Nothing much changed then except that he would
call from time to time to see how his sister was doing and if she would need
anything ect ect. He would visit his sister all the time to check how she was
doing and to just bring her some company cause her soon-to-be-husband was not
a very nice person and would leave for long periods of time. He decided to go
check out this soon-to-be-husband one night and see for himself what kind of
man he was ect. He found out all right, the guy would talk to other women
behind his sister's back and spend money on things that he didn't need knowing
that the baby was comming. He also went with him one night...he saw drugs that
he didn't like and saw some lieing on the phone that pissed him off a bit. He
then decided to hurt the guy a bit ( boy was that a mistake ).
Well then there was a call at work from his sister. He then ran outa work
yelling to his boss the news and went to the hospital. Few hours later..Baby
auna lisa marie meninno was born. What a sight he saw. He didn't know it then,
but this would change his life forever. Well at first, he wouldn't hold auna
but he would atleast talk to her somewhat. Then as time passed he would come
closer and closer to this little child he would begin to love more than
anything. Auna changed everything for him, now he's like a normal person! He
even baby sits from time to time. And last christmas was a whole different
story for him, The kids were all over him. In his family everyone has like
five too ten children so the whole house was full of them. He felt like a
climbling tree all the time as the children climbed him and chased him all
over the place and he loved it! His family doesn't give him any more crap
about the child thing nomore either. Which was starting to get to him.
Now...he has a neese.
Auna lisa marie is now two and what a pain in the ass she can be. Getting into
everything she can get her little hands on ect ect. But as far as children go,
she's very well behaved saying things like "thank you" and "Juice". He loves
that:). Just her smile makes his day all better from work when he goes over to
his sister's place to visit both of them ( cause who knows where the hell dad
is ). Well i guess the point of this story is, if a person you know does not
like children...Have them meet auna!

                                         Thank you for your time.