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Library: Treatise on Booze


Author: whyi
Date:Mar 5 2005

All alcoholic items show a number of litres and a %alcohol when identified.
Liquid in batmud weighs approximately 1 kg/litre.
All alcohol is sealed by wizard decree, which prevents emptying, diluting, or
mixing of any kind.
The only way to break the seal is if you subsequently drink the alcohol.

1. Alcoholic items with specific descriptions (for example, hugobeer,
shadowkepian wine, pixie-ale, sour wine).
2. Generic alcoholic items
Several effects generate generic alcoholic items- you might see wizards
snapping their fingers to create booze at a wedding, or there is a gnomish
apparatus that creates generic alcohol.
As far as I know, the Pub of the Iron Winds menu lists all of the generic
alcohol items.
Generic glasses weigh 5.6 kgs and contain 5 litres of liquid.
Generic bottles weigh 9.3 kgs and contain 9 litres of liquid.

One can use the prices on the Pub of the Iron Winds menu to find %alcohol
without id.
The magic number is the price of an imaginary 100% alcohol drink, which would
be 1300 gp.
So if 'Kalaasi' is listed as costing 247 gp,
Then calculuate 'bc 247/1300.0', and find that it is 0.19% alcohol.
Some specific alcoholic items:
A big wooden mug - 8 litres, 5% alcohol, 8.1 kgs.
wineskin - 6 litres, 97% alcohol, 6.5 kgs.