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Library: A lamp's tale


Author: koan
Date:Mar 5 2005

   Misery had struck the Henderson family. The eldest of the family, Ernest,
had died of old age and the family gathered to pass on his belongings to the
rest of the family. Robert, the first son of Ernest, always had a special
fondness for a brass lamp that Ernest had. Robert took the rather crude
looking and dirty Arabian lamb to his home and placed it on the table. "I
surely cannot keep such a precious item in such poor condition." he thought
and started polishing the lamp with his sleeve. He polished the lamp with
vigour until he was pleased with the result. "For now." he said contently and
placed the lamp back on to the table. He turned away back to his kitchen to
finish the food of the evening. But on his way he heard a particular sound
from the lamp! "U-uh!" said the lamp and jumped up some from the table. "Who
said that?" wondered Robert and carefully walked closed to the lamp. "This
must be one of those magic lamps that you rub and get three wishes!" he said
sarcastically and chuckled. Still amused he rubbed the lamp and voiced out:


    A grey cloud suddenly emerged from the lamp and it slowly formed in to a
genie! Robert rubbed his eyes in wonder and was completely flabbergasted from
the strange path of events. "You called me master?" said the genie to Robert
while yawning. Robert had released a spirit from many centuries of slumber.
Trying to keep his composure. Robert asked the genie: "A-are you-u the r-real
thing?" "Pinch me if you don't believe me" replied the genie and stretched his
hand towards Robert. He excitedly pinched the genies hand, somewhat strongly
since the genie grinned under his tired smile.

    "I am your servant. How may I serve my master?" asked the genie. "What
about my three wishes? Aren't you supposed to offer me three wishes?" said
Robert expectedly. "Wishes? You must have been reading too many children's
stories." replies the genie amusedly. Robert seemed disappointed by this and
silenced in thought. "I'm just kidding!" said the genie. "Go ahead ask for
anything you like. And you may wish more than three times." Wish a sigh of
relief Robert opened his mouth and said "Very well genie, I wish to have a
bunny!" The genie twirled his finger in the air for a moment and would you
know it, in a puff of logic a bunny appears in Roberts's feet. "Does this
please you master?" asked the genie. Robert gasped in surprise, it was a real
bunny! "He must be hungry, get him a caggabe head." Very well, responded the
genie and clapped his hand twice. In a loud thumping sound the rabbit's head
formed in to a cabbage. "No!" screamed Robert. "I didn't mean that! Give the
bunny it's head back please." The genie nodded respectfully and restored the
bunny to it's original form. 

   Suddenly a bell was heard inside the lamp. "Oh." said the genie. "My shift
is done. You may call for me again in 300 years." Robert couldn't believe it,
"You're kidding me. You have working shifts?" The genie nodded solemnly and
said "We work four hour shifts these days. A very good deal we have. In a puff
of logic the genie disappears inside the lamp. Robert rubs his head in wonder
and shrugs. "At least I'll be having rabbit for lunch tomorrow. Now all I need
is some cabbage to go with it..."