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Library: Keeper of the portals


Author: flirt
Date:Mar 14 2005

Her mirror shimmered in welcome as she stood before it, in anticipation of her
travel.  She was finally leaving 'earth' as she knew it, to depart and live in
another realm.  She'd quit her job, gave away her belongings, and stood alone
in her empty house - her mirror being the only piece of furniture left.  She
held a hammer to break the mirror on her departure - the only way she'd be
able to destroy the portal - and stop any other earth-creatures from entering
the other world.  But there was no need, as she stepped lightly through the
portal, the mirror shattered behind her on it's own accord, it's job complete.
 Sally was following her path to becoming the forest guardian - the keeper of
the portals.

Sally emerged into a lush forest, surrounded by many crystal-clear ponds. 
This forest was the 'centre' of all the dimensions.  She did not know she was
to become the guardian of this forest.  All in good time, it would be revealed
to her soon enough.

Breathing in the fresh clear air, she sighed in relief.  She lay down amongst
the soft green grass, ready to curl up peacefully for a nap.  However, a
small, fine-boned and frantic elf suddenly appeared in front of her.  "Miss
Sally!" he exclaimed.  "We need your help!  A brother of ours is hurt and
needs tending to!  He was attacked by a monster who appeared from the Dark
Pool!"  Sally sat up straight and her eyes went wide as she stared at her
friend in disbelief.  "But what happened to the barriers around the Dark
Pool?".  Elliah (the elf) shrugged sadly, "I don't know, but the monster is
now running rampant amongst our folk!"

Sally got up and raced after her friend through the forest.  Elliah panted,
"Sorry my greeting was a bit abrupt, I meant to welcome you to your new role,
as this is finally your home!  Congratulations!".  Sally raised an eyebrow,
"My new role?" she asked.  "Yes, you're now the guardian of the forest,"
Elliah informed her, "You are now responsible for the upkeep of all the
portals, and protect the forest from any danger.  In return the forest will do
its best to keep you comfortable - there is already a cottage ready for you." 
Sally smiled in disbelief, "all for me?"  Elliah nodded.

They rounded the top of a hill and Sally couldn't believe what she saw.  There
were elves dashing in every direction.  It was chaos.  At the centre of all
the commotion, there was a big black creature with razor sharp teeth and
claws.  The creature looked up as it sensed Sally's presence and glared at her
with beady red eyes.  It was slightly fearful as it had heard the forest now
had a protector, but was pleased to see this 'protector' was only a puny
human.  "YOU CAN'T STOP ME, PUNY HUMAN!!"  it boomed.

Sally cringed, and Elliah hid behind her knees.  "What do I do?" Sally queried
frantically.  Elliah handed her a small pouch containing a small coin-shaped
diamond disc.  "I forgot to give you this," he said quickly.  "it's the gem of
the forest.  Press it to your head and you will receive the power of the
forest.  You will be aware of everything that the forest feels, and you will
be in touch with the elements."  Sally pressed it to her head and felt a brief
shot of pain, followed by warmth enveloping her.  She could now close her eyes
and sense the creature - and could feel exactly where it stood on the hill. 
To Sally's amazement she started chanting in elvish, and the elves responded
to her.  They scrambled to her request and formed a large circle, surrounding
the creature and the 'dark pool'.  The creature roared and charged for a
section of the ringed elves.

Sally started chanting again, this time in the language of mother earth.  The
ground trembled as a dirt wall emerged from the ground and towered above the
creature.  It gargled a roar and charged for the other side of the ring. 
Another dirt wall shot up out of the ground and continued to rise and surround
both the creature and the dark pool.  With a final command uttered from Sally,
the walls started to topple inwards.  "THIS WON'T BE THE END!!" the creature
boomed.  The walls crumbled over the evil dark pool and its creature, burying
them totally.  Sally smiled powerfully and spoke one final command.  Lightning
struck the large mound of dirt, and up sprang fresh new grass.  The dark pool
and its creatures were banished, forever.

Elliah gazed in awe at Sally.  "That was amazing!"  He and the other elves
cheered at her and decided to do what elves to best - enjoy a feast to
celebrate their 'queen' of the forest, the keeper of the portals.

That evening, Sally snuggled up under the covers in her cosy forest cottage
and smiled happily to herself.  She finally felt at home.  She had a purpose,
and had many dimensions to explore through the portals in the forest, HER