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Library: Potato


Author: tanta
Date:Apr 5 2005

It's dim place. Spider webs covering walls and roof. Silent bird singing can
be heard from outside. Place where nothing has happen in many months. Big dank
warehouse room is totally silent. It's seems like there isn't anything living
around. But if you look very faithfully around you see that something is
happening. Something is going to happen. Potatoes are growing their sprouts.
It is a sign that spring is coming. It is one big miracle how potatoes know
when to start preparing for spring. There is no light or changing in
temperature. They just know when it's time.

Now it's time for change. Someone open doors and sunlight illuminates place.
Spider webs starts to sparkle when light hits them. Whole place looks totally
different. Voices of tractor can be heard from distance. Now it is time for
spring sowing. Man arrives from door with manure fork and big sack. He starts
to load the sack with potatoes. Moisture smell starts to strengthen. Finally
man gets sack filled and he walks out from warehouse to his tractor. He pours
sack into strange apparatus which is attached end of tractor. When sack is
empty he returns to warehouse to fill it again. Man repeats this ritual so
many times that apparatus is sufreited with potatoes. Then he jumps in cabin
of tractor and starts new journey. 

It is very warm spring day. Sun is shining and birds are singing in trees.
Some childrens are brave enough to go to swim in a lake even water is rather
cold this time of year. Everything seems very peaceful. Then suddenly loud
noise breaks this silence. Big Valtra is rumbling from farm towards field.
Small rocks fly around and big dust cloud follows tractor as it goes along
small road. Finally it reaches to field. Driver sets tractor to right position
on field side and lowers apparatus on surface. He starts cardan shafts rolling
and slowly starts to move ahead. Apparatus puts potatoes in ground and covers
them. Man drives carefully around field planting whole field. When he
finnishes his work he turns of his tractor. He wipes hes sweaty forehead and
smiles with tired but happy face.

Time pasts by. It's finnish summer. Raining hard almost every day. We can only
hope that we see warm days like we had on spring. Something has start to grow
on field. Some green stems are on surface of field. What there is? That we
will find out soon. Tractor has returned to field. This time it has totally
different kind of apparatus attached to it. Farmer drives around field with
tractor just the way he did when he planted potatoes. But this machine doesn't
plant anything. It seems to rip weed up from the ground. This operation surely
has some purpose considering future. Maybe plants grow better when no weed is
growing near them.

Time to see what has happen at field. It is autumn. Weather is sunny. Almost
cloudless sky above. Now farmer has got some really foolish idea. Well he
doesn't look that stupid becouse he only drives tractor. But he has some
really big new machine. It even has places where people can stand and watch
assembly line. There are rocks, dirtballs and potatoes rolling on that line.
It seems that people which are standing on machine are trying to remove
everything else but potatoes from there. I wouldn't like to be in their
position. That work looks very unpleasant. Lots of dust and everything
included that. When machines storing space is full they empty it to big pile
of potatoes. It seems that there is lot of potatoes growing in small field.

Potatoes have been in that big pile for few days now. But now something is
changing. Big truck is approaching. Farmer has arrived too. When truck gets
its position farmer starts to load it with scoop. It takes a while until he
has loaded that big truck. When all clear truck leaves driving away from farm.
It is heading to very big building. It seems like somekind of factory. There
are many other trucks waiting their turn on line. Everyone is emptying their
gargo to some very large storage space. There are people who are washing

After all operations potatoes arrive inside factory. There is all kind of
blades that cut them to pieces. Pieces go to packages and then right away to
freezer. After freezing packages are moved to truck that delivers those to
around country. That is how french fries are done.