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Library: Fantasy Story


Author: kaide
Date:Jun 4 2005

Fantasy Story

It was dark night sky and I was lying on the crass. Next to me was my dear pet
cat. We were lying and watching star. Suddenly I saw star flight. I make wish
that I could be someday very rich and famous. Time goes by and the sun starts
rising. I feel hungry and get up. I start heading back to home. My cat follows
as I walk to the path what is leading back to my house. When I get near house
I feel unbearable heat in my chest. I rip off my shirt open and see how my
lucky charm is glowing. It is amazing sight and when I touch that amulet it
flash brightly. I start thinking that this is just impossible. I feel terrible
pain in my head and felt on ground. I woke and check my chest. Surprisingly I
don't see any marks on chest and amulet is still glowing but it doesn't any
more burn my chest. I look around and see that I am no longer near my house or
path. I start wondering what time is it or weekday. I look at my watch and it
has been stopped. I hear like something is coming towards to me. I look around
and see far behind me dust cloud. I turn and wait who or what is coming. After
while I see that it is horse with wagon. Suddenly there is bright flash and I
feel like something happened to me.

 I check my self and see that I am wearing studded leather armour and I have
axe in my hand. Wagons are very close to me. They stopped next to me and
person comes out of wagon. He makes somekind salute to me. I am embarrass and
try to make some gesture. I look at him and he looks just like me. We start
little discussion and after that he and I get in wagon and head to his castle.
In the way he explain that I was wished and teleported from future to solve
problem here. Problem was that another ruler was planning to murder him and
try to steal his land. So I was here got some famous and riches as I was
wished.  So plan was to set up trap and lure him to it using me as bait. So we
arrived to his castle and start planning good trap. After few days we got
perfect plan and we diced that it will happen on next weekend. Plan was
successful and my clone saved his life. Evil ruler was banished from the land
and I was teleported back to my own time. Magician starts to chant spell and I
was getting sleepy. After I wake I was still lay on grass and watching stars.
My cat was next to me and my watch was running. I start wandering was that
just dream or what really happened. Well I got up and start walking to my
house and saw star flight. I make wish but that is just another story what
happened then.