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Library: revenge


Author: crusifer
Date:Jun 8 2005

There was a dark night and lightning storms outside of castle, it has been
raining many months now and citizens at dawnhill outside of castle was getting
anxious and depressed. Was rumoured that darkness effect so badly to the
weakest minds that had been made nomads and merchants gone berserk for
mutilating animals and some stories told even against humans. No one, not even
king did not know where this blackness were arrived and why. But something was
about to happen. People in dawnhill were very scared everything abnormal and
new, they all were. living happily and in peace before this something black
soul ripping pressure had come. atmosphere had begun. People had gone
missing,even young  child, stock, animals

Then the dark rider arrives at town  and windows and doors were rushed to
close, he was so outsider looking and people at dawnhill didn't like
outsiders. The raider tied the horse at the pole and walked straight to the
Duke's castle witch was located at the highest hill of dawnhill. TAM TAM TAM
,black rider rammed the door with blunt end off his blood covered battleaxe.
I'want change few words with duke, mysterious man said with bitter on he's
voice. Duke realized immediately who was this man, he was waited this day for
years. He's fears have finally come true. In decades ago they were having a
Fight with this strange rider who he now recognized to he's cousin lord of
greyhame. They had both were interested for same woman , lady Elena but Elena
was in deeply love with Lord grayhame and that was fact that duke didn't
wasn't going to melt down. And in one Dark night Duke was asking hand for lady
and she said no. Duke was getting so Furious for that answer that he strangled
her and set her mansion at fire to destroy the Evidence of his madness..

But the young maid of lady had escaped from burning mansion just before it was
burned down and he told that to Lord greyhame. Greyhame was devastated from
sorrow and cant even talk for years so petrified he was. But after years and
years now was time, was time to revenge all wrongdoing and murder of innocent
virgin to who he was once so greatly loved. So finally Duke opens the door and
said ' oh cousin please to see you again for long time.  Dark rider said im
here to collect some debt. What kind of debt? asked Duke you can come to live
with me and live rest of your live perfect doing what ever you like. dark
rider said calmly, i had waiting this moment for years and there is nothing
you can do about it.and a same time battleaxe swings and cuts the head of
Duke. Finally some justice stranger said with bloody axe in he's hands and
grin satanical grin..

The live at dawnhill is normal nowadays but no-one never forgets the year of
heavy rains, nobody has seen the dark rider again.