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Library: Tinman's hangover


Author: whogmag
Date:Jun 9 2005

It was a beautiful sunny morning in the realm of Batmud when a not so
beautiful tinman was waking up in his castle room. "Oh dear god what a
headache, i wish i had a wish scroll so i could wish this hangover to go
away." crumbled the tinman and got up from the vomit covered floor. He started
to gather the empty beer bottles so he could take them to shop and get some
food. "I knew i shouldn't have trained that alcohol tolerance so high." sighed
the tinman because he had to sell most of his equipment to get himself drunk
last night. He managed to get all the bottles and started to look for some
clothes, after couple of hours of turning chest lock combinations he finds his
spr set and wears it. "Might as well put this on, i wont get into a fight
anyway on this short trip."

As he walks out of the chest room one of his guards stops him and asks with a
concerned voice. "Is master alright? You don't look too good."
"Quiet fool! I didn't pay a fortune just to listen to your crap everytime i
leave my chest room." yelled the tinman to the guard and continued his
stumbling towards the city.
On his way to the shop a young duck jumps in front of him and cheerfully waves
it's hand. "Hello, i'm a mage and my name is Boomie, would you like to party
with me?"
The tinman pushes the duck aside and grumbles. "I couldn't care less what you
are, i will slit your throat if you bother me again."
The duck yells at him with tears in it's eyes. "I will make a wand and you
will suffer, this i promise to you!" but the tinman ignores it and continues
his way.

After several painful hours of walking he arrives to the shop and gives the
bottles to the shopkeeper, but he doesn't look happy and says. "This is a
classy grocery store, not some filthy general shop, what in earth i'm gonna do
with some stinking empty beer bottles."
Then the tinman turns green and pukes on the floor and begs the shopkeeper.
"Please, i'm dying here, i can't walk all the way to the general shop, it's
like five rooms from here!" and pukes on the floor again. The shopkeeper gives
him a loaf of bread to get rid of the vomiting nuisance and kicks him out of
the store. The happy tinman strolls back towards his home while eating the
freashly baked bread and starts planning for some bunny-slaying after he finds
his combat equipment. He arrives to his house and greets the guards with his
middle finger, one of them asks the tinman sadly. "Why is master so mean to
us? We protect your chest room with our lives and all you do is insult us
every day."
"You have never done anything to earn your paycheck, i might as well sell you
tomorrow because nobody will ever come..." but before the tinman could finish
his sentence a cloud of smoke appears in front of him. From the smoke walk a
duck waving a magical wand. "Hi there, remember me?" quacks the duck and
starts concentrating on an offensive spell.
"Guards! Attack this intruder!" orders the tinman, but the guards just show
him their middle fingers. He starts to yell at the guards. "You idiots will
pay for thgrargh..." but chokes on his own blood when a couple of golden
arrows hits him."
The duck and the guards became friends and lived happily ever after.