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Library: The Interrogation


Author: boot
Date:Jul 27 2005

"What were you doing at the construction site?" The inspector again asked the
dour, but gorgeous, girl sitting across from him. He wanted to believe her,
but something didn't quite click. His instincts were telling him she was
holding something back. 

The room glared back an institutional grey, the metal chair was uncomfortable,
and the ash tray was still full from some previous interrogation, hopefully
tonight, not days old. The nicotine hung heavily burning her nostrils
slightly, but not like the vital flash of a crowded, smoky rave.

'Oh, wouldn't you like to know...,' she thought glumly. 'What the hell am I
going to say? I am so not getting out of this. I can't implicate the others.
Oh please let them have gotten out and taken Ash to a hospital.' "I was just
cutting across, I thought it would be cool." 

"How'd you cut you head?" He intoned methodically. He had his list of
questions all set out in his head, he'd been through this so many times. If he
asked enough questions eventually the lies start showing up and she hadn't
asked for a lawyer yet so he was free.

'Crap, think, Isabela, think.' She tried to take a small calming breath, but
still the panic. Her exterior was only belied by her intent examination of her
fingernails, 'Damn, I need another manicure,' flashed by subconsciously. 'I
can't tell him about the zombie (ewwwwww!!!!), make too many questions,
they'll pooch the site and I'll never be able to get back in. Keep it simple,
keep it simple, simple lies are the easiest.' "uh, I don't remember."

"Well, what's the last thing you do remember?" He started to get impatient at
her vague responses, but then he settled down to enjoy looking at her. She was
the most beautiful woman he had ever had in here that's for certain. Her
lustrous black hair fell limply over her cheek and he imagined pushing it back
over her ear. He wondered if she was a model, maybe in movies? He couldn't
think of anything he'd seen her in before. He took a quick sip of the stale
coffee to cover a looming blush as he thought guiltily of his wife.

She looked away from the inspector into the one-way mirror and imagined the
initial confusion when they couldn't see her on camera. A small smile crept
onto her face and quickly faded. They had already taken her mugshot, or tried
to. She wondered idly if they had figured it out yet that she couldn't be
photographed. This was nothing like the first time she had been arrested. Then
the cops had been more than a tad touchy about the numerous accidents and high
speed chase she had led them on. She smiled inwardly at the thought of the
Ferrari, 'That was one H-O-T car I trashed into the harbour. It drove so
nice.' The memory gave her a small confidence, "I ran into the rent-a-cops
they were aiming at me, so I gave up. I didn't want to get shot."

The inspector was studying her when he heard a knock at the door and a head
popped in, "Inspector." He got up to see what they had, maybe some new angle.
As the door closed she just heard the cusp, "None of the mugshots..." Click.
The grey metal door locked shut rudely. 

'Okay, what do they have me on? They only have me on trespassing and gun
possession. Shit, the gun, that's my big problem right now. I wonder who got
shot with it. Ash's gun, but who had it before me? It doesn't matter who shot
who, if they find the bodies I'm fucked. Oh, god, I hope they don't find any
of the bodies, that would be way bad... I hope they don't make me _look_ at
the body!' She hugged the blanket closer to her. Her clothes were still damp
and clung coldly to her, but this pale was the thought of the dead things. The
room got colder and grayer. Isabela's thoughts drifted back to the closed off
tunnel that led underneath the old Armistice building. Slogging through the
frigid water that filled the old subway, she wasn't sure how she had convinced
Eric to go along with that plan, but she had. That horrible creature, clothing
shredding off it, eyes eaten out, staring blankly and determined as it chased
them trudging through the sludge in slow motion as she hung onto Eric
levitating past it. Isabela stood up suddenly pacing across the room and
rubbed at the bandage trying to forget the feel of the thing's cold clammy...
'What were they digging down there? What does Wing Kung want that is so

The door opened startling her out of her thoughts. The inspector looked her
over, "You're a mutant." She shrugged aloofly. "You looked cold so I brought
you some coffee. It's crap, but it's hot, so you're warned," he was trying to
loosen her up, catch her offguard. "So where were we... What was the last
thing you remember?"

"I gave myself up to the guards who were threatening to shoot."

"What about the others?" 

"I didn't see anyone else."

"A glowing man?" He asked rapidly.

'Eric... and Ash' "I didn't see anyone else."

"How did you get into the site?"

"I climbed the fence."

"You told the gaurds there was an opening."

'oops' "I lied, I was hoping they would just let me go." She examined her
nails again.

He could tell from practised ease that he was close to something, she was
nervous. There was something she wasn't telling. "Why were you carrying a

She looked about to answer, but then slowed herself down. 'Why was I carrying
a gun? Protection? No no, not my gun, then they'll wonder where I got it.' She
had been carrying a gun, for protection even, but it had been lost back in the
sub basement. 

After Eric and she had killed the first zombie, 'Can you kill a zombie? It's
already dead...' she quickly displaced the thought. She didn't really like
thinking about things that were dead or death or anything to do with dying.
This was definitely the worst assignment she had had to do for Mr. Trommel.

They had run into Ash and the new guy Banes and his buddy, Azomon. All she
dared to think about was firing as best she could to keep the creatures away
from her. They had come at them so quickly out of the darkness of the tunnel
that they had almost been overwhelmed. The smell of ignited gunpowder, salty,
stagnant water, sulpherous rock, dirt, refuse, she had been so frightened, but
it was thrilling thinking back. 

They had found the lode on the old station platform. That was what Wing Kung
was trying to hide, she was sure of it, the old volumes mostly in chinese, the
trinkets of old meditation balls, the music box. The old, sultry jade statues,
one of which looked like her, and some of the books and other stuff she had
stashed in her bag were now being picked through as police evidence, she was
sure. The connection to David Lo Pan was tenative. It was all Wing Kung she
knew there must be some link and even if there wasn't she wanted revenge. They
had kidnapped her and tried to sacrifice her, now she wanted to mess them up,
but she also wanted to know why. 'If they had what they wanted they wouldn't
have been still digging... what are they looking for.' 

She knew she had some clues and she cursed that they had needed to leave so
quickly. Whatever that huge bug creature that had been guarding the side room,
it had finished what the zombies had started on Ash and tried to eat Azomon
too, but Isabela had pulled him back dropping her gun in the process. 'I knew
it was just some ruse about Azomon, he's just a mutant like me, walk through
walls, invisible to most people, big deal.' 

She knew she had been close to something and it frustrated her thinking back
at how close they were. An elusiveness fled by as she thought about Trommel
putting extra protection on her after the San Francisco thing. 

"Isabela, Isabela, come on now, why were you carrying the gun?" The inspector
intruded in.

"I must have picked it up, I don't remember." She fidgeted thinking how close
they had come, she needed to get back. Hopefully the police wouldn't find it,
Wing Kung would probably try to prevent them. 'I need to get out of here
before the clean the place out! Grimble!'

"Ok, let's start from the beginning, and tell me everything you remember from
getting onto the construction site, how and when you were hurt, when you
remember picking up the gun, everything."

"I want a lawyer."

The inspector sighed, he knew it had been bound to occur to her eventually. He
waved a finger at the glass, "Phone call time. If you need a list of
lawyers..." She shook her head no. Several armed police led her out of the
room through the station to a badly isolated phone. Hoots and whistles from
other detainees of the deep night hour followed her, but she was distracted
thinking what she was going to tell Grimble.

"Hi, it's Isabela. I've been arrested." "I don't really know, but I hope they
got Ash to a hospital." "Well, I..." 'If I mentioned Wing Kung he's gonna
flip...' "Yes, illegal. I don't know all the police have found out yet." The
conversation was brief and to the immediate point. "I won't say anything else
until the lawyer arrives." Click. She knew she was going to have a long night
and maybe more so she settled into the routine. She knew what was going to
happen, she had been through this before. She only hoped that the police
wouldn't find the basement that would mean murder charges and she wouldn't be
able to get back. Wing Kung too, they were going to find out eventually. She
twisted a ring around her finger and hoped time would be on her side.