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Library: BoatCon'98 incomplete chronicle


Author: Kimvais
Date:Jun 4 1998

WARNING: Contains explicit material - do not be offended EVEN if it is about
NOTE: Some of this is hearsay, I did not eyewitness all of it.

It was a cloudy day in Helsinki at 31th of May 1998 when brave party of about
90 mudders gathered to Olympiaterminaali and further on, bravely entered the
M/S Silja Serenade. While waiting the others to come and get their tickets
from Amarth the party-leader the most eager ones bought some Kalja(tm) at the
bar in terminal. Most of the people who were supposed to be there actually did
show up, according to Alvin's listings they didn't, though =) Later on when
everybody was (more or less) safely aboard the Boozing really began. At the
lower levels of ship's catacombs, under the car decks - where our cabins were
located the 'meno' was 'melkoista'. By the midnight ship security visited us
for many times and told us to sut up and drag our sorry asses somewhere
elsewhere from the corridors. Some went into cabins after visiting the
tax-free market, some more civilized persons went into the bars on upper decks
and Mcgurmee went behind the bars. Sauna was visited by some mudders too - one
party was told to go to the sauna at deck 5 because the sauna on deck 12 was
'more of a family place'. I guess that was bit after someone threw his
swimming trunks out of a hot bath and did some skinny dipping in front
everybody.  (tidiindst?) In general the party went on in the whole ship,
mostly in cabins and in nightclub 'Stardust' My wild guess/estimate is that
the average rate of blood alcohol among mudders was somewhere near 1.5
permille. There were some quite sober ones but here were people who were
'aivan karmeessa tuutissa' like Qurp and Iancurtis (top 2 plaque in
intoxication too, don't you think so too =) Aarugotti told that Qurp wanted to
'go to the 'Grilli' in the next block' - Iancurtis passed out for 7 hours.
Rest of the happenings for the night are covered in the thick layers of
alcomahol. Most of it couldn't be recalled in the morning - at least not by
myself =)

Next morning, after waking up in most irregular places, some in their own
cabin but mostly in cabin number <own cabin number>+/-1d20, people started
form smaller or bigger parties to slay the fierce, overhanging shadow of the
mystical 'Krapulapeikko'. With assistance of booze, luckily, most of us
succeeded. There was some major idling on the Promenade. Some played chess,
Alvin pkilled nargar - reason A: 'en jaksanu katella sua fin who:ssa, pista
fin off', N [ghost]: 'heti kun paasen taalt helvetista', A: 'Pista ghost off'
I have to tell you that this conversation caused extra hilariousity on the
boat =).  After getting some kaljaa in the koneeseen at the promenade some of
us went for some food,  some of the bold ones visited the city of Stockholm,
but mostly they just went out on the upper decks and thought 'It's cold out
here. This is Stockholm. Seen it. Been there. Oh whatta hell - more booze.'
There was some incident with the subway security and some mudders, that's all
I've heard of what happened to those that actually left the boat.
While getting drunk again, drinking elefant or 'Kopparberg's paron cider',
waiting for the night to come and cursing that tax-free won't open until the
ship departs people performed some hardcore/heavy-duty idling. Some of us
inserted large amounts of kympin coins in the arcade machine Sega Rally, some
played more sophisticated games like batmud. Only problem  seemed to be that
there is only one (1) Nokia Communicator to mud on.