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Library: A new apprentice


Author: blackstar
Date:Sep 15 2005

Kamaka was running through the forest as fast as she could. 
With every step her heart pounded so hard in her chest, she thought she 
would feint. Yet she couldn't stop running, and if she did she knew what 
would happen to her, just like what happened to her family moments earlier. 
With each foot fall she winced at the sound of breaking twigs and leaves. 
Everything seemed like a blur, it was dusk and the cool fall air swept 
through the forest like a spirit released from a cage. Falling leaves and 
ash whirled around, distorting hew view but she kept running faster, 
and faster.

Soon night fell, and Kamaka found herself in an unknown area of 
the forest. She bled slowly from small cuts on her arms, the wrath of 
branches while she ran. Tired, hungry, and alone she wept for the first 
time in her life. For Kamaka lived in a beautiful land in a peaceful village, 
amongst many life long friends and relatives. She was the daughter of the 
town mayor, who was respected and admired by everyone in the town. At home 
she would spend countless summers under the Malenrock waterfall writing
poems or just enjoying the weather. 

She awoke in a pile of leaves, bruised and in pain. Her legs were 
screaming for rest as a result of her rampant pace through the forest.. Then 
the memories of the tragedy struck her mind as if an axe had fallen upon it. 
Her mind was flooded with the sounds and sights of the horror which came to 
her town. Until the other night she had never actually seen a reaver, or 
really believed in their existence. A common bedtime story for all children 
in the town was the story of the reaver cult. Yet like any story, it was
that; and no one could believe such a people could exist. The stories of 
a dark evil cult of followers, following a supposed "God of Destruction" or 
something. They had supernatural powers and were more feared and powerful 
then the Lords of Chaos, which she knew to be real but they were few in
and many had been vanquished by knights. Yet she had never heard of a reaver 
falling in battle.. never. They would speak words long lost in ancient texts, 
and upon hearing these words your body, soul, mind would crumble; as if when 
hearing the word an unbearable pain and load burddoned your being and you 
gave in.

Those nightmarish stories came to life when she saw him, him, the 
reaver. She had been talking with friends around the village fountain when 
it happend. Horses were not allowed to be walked within the village square 
and the tapping of hoofs caught her ear. She turned around and saw him. It 
was a centaur, she couldn't believe her eyes, creatures of myth and fable, 
in flesh and blood a mere twenty feet away. He stood tall, and dark. He has 
a flawless adamantium mask strapped to his head, with pitch black pools for 
eyes which could not bee seen through this mask. He was adorned with black 
obsidian gauntlets and had two rings of sparkling emerald on his fingers.
His breast was bare except for a branded insignia burned deep into his flesh, 
a black star. He rode through the town with a wide turn and quickly slashed 
at the villagers. Kamaka broke out and ran into her house to try and get away.
She looked through the window, His stride was never broken as he slays each 
villager in his path. Every so often she would see people scream and cover 
their ears, then fall lifeless on the ground. He wielded in one hand, a large
scythe with a glistening tip. In the other a battle axe which seemed to be on
fire. She couldnt bear it anymore, she ran upstairs. No one was home.

She gasped in horror as she looked at the clock, it was 6:12 
and her family was coming home from the dairy market in Ulaen. Just then 
as she looked back out her window her heart dropped. Her family was in the 
middle of the square, surrounded by a ring of fire. The reaver stood on 
his hind leggs and seemed frozen there, in time. suddenly a black whirling 
orb appeared, and began to suck everything into it. The reaver remained 
frozen and unaffected. Wood, stone, people, armours, the knights surrounding
him, the shutters off windows ripped apart and flew into the vortex. Her 
family had their flesh ripped from their bones, blood sucked from their 
veins and souls drawn, into a deep, black, swirling pit of existence. In 
a blink of an eye everything was gone and buildings were on fire. That's 
when she ran out the back door and she didn't stop.

She sat there, cold tears running down her cheeks. she placed her 
hands in the leaves and looked up. Just then her hand touched something cold. 
She closed her eyes, for she was not afraid. she ran her hand along its
form and felt a sharp sting, she quickly grabbed it and stood. In her hand was
a scythe. Old, and rusted it resembled one a farmer might use but was smaller 
and felt balanced in her hands. Suddenly anger rose up in her like flames from
brush, her fist clenched the scythe and bathed in hatred as her anger overtook
her body and mind. she yelled out, "REAVER! What have you left me you
She dropped her head, and looked into the ground. She muttered to herself "I 
will do to you, like you did to my family. I will hurt and maim you, I will 
find and kill you reaver. Black star. I will make sure you PAY IN BLOOD, for 
every life you have ever taken! I.. I will.. DESTROY YOU!" With those words 
she felt changed, and stronger with every beat of her heart. Every beat was
not a beat for life and struggle, no- now her heart beat with a passion
to destroy. Her eyes burned with a new found power, and purpose. 

Behind her, was a clearing, in that clearing some ruins, and in 
those ruins a book with a scythe on the cover. She vowed allegiance to 
destruction that day.