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Author: vertical
Date:Dec 29 2000

Erm..this was my first broblem.
There are some good stuff also: Durand <bat>: muds suck. 

Ok. I hope that i can start to write thist book now, but.. there might be some
typos/wrong letters in this, but i hope that doesnt matter.

Yesterday when i didnt have nothing else to do, i start drawing that map.
So, if someone can help me to make that map, please mail or something.
Joo, jujussa taas 27.11.1999
Ilmeistä on, että oon ainoa näillä main.
Starlog 142229.21 Found a bug from my mailbox.
Well, maybe you havent seen that shit what you have been sending to me.
Oh, i forget. Your mom is a bitch.
Big mouth, big words, no idea at all.
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#include <iostream.h> X ,.