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Library: Songmasters 101


Author: nosay
Date:Oct 5 2005

I woke up and started to think what the heck I was doing. Just couple of
months ago I did this once and now doing it second time, or am I.

..." I drifted off into a deep daydream, I began to hear the voices of old
friends calling to me, the past days of glory came flooding back, I remembered
the talents I once had. As I returned to the present the knowledge of the
talent becomes once again as clear as the first day I were taught it. "...

Before I started to camping I met my first Songmaster, Forsimnetu, and learned
something about the most difficult song what any bard can ever sing. Have I
made this before, not sure but I get some wierd feelings doing this.

A coalescing of ethereal substances caused my vision to blur. When my eyes
cleared, some funny looking lady wearing white robes stood front of me. She
blessed me and I got my powers back. 

Checking my list, Forsimnetu was first and Zord will be the last, not so bad,
only two songmasters. But what is between them, 21 other masters who wants to
tell me more about the art of music.

Songamster      Song                        Cast
Forsimnetu      Melody of the misadventurer  295
Aline           Sound of silence             195
Cyarys          Musicians alm                100
Derevan         Kings feast                  100
Dria            Clandestine thoughts         280
Endek           Catchy singalong              95
Fyanna          Vigilant melody              105
Gilian          Campfire tune                140
Holm            Venturers way                 90
Malacketh       Strength in unity            200
Noitulove       Noituloves deathlore         200
Otharus         Soothing sounds              220
Patricia        Uncontrollable mosh          160
Razmatag        Sweet lullaby                 65
Sineyole        Jesters trivia                85
Stringbreaker   Noituloves dischord           40
Talos           War ensemble                 295
Tinebring       Singing shepherd             140
Vahearun        Dancing blades               400
Yomototh        Con fioco                    230
Zantus          Melodical embracement        325
Zinbaf          Achromatic eyes              350
Zord            Pathfinder                   333

not even started
no hope
little progress
will take forever
needs more practice
one fifth soon!
far far, far away
one fourth someday
keep on trying..
this is sick, hehe
won't tell you! ;)
not even halfway
someday, my friend
seek the knowledge!
on the better side
courage, doing well
dreams do come true
1,000,000X and you see it
Gm's fax: +358 0 577795
PING! THE magic number!
still far away
good progress
getting there
warm already
not so far anymore
getting hot
almost there!
on the verge
any play now