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Library: Hunting of rabbits


Author: finwe
Date:Oct 9 2005

Hunting of rabbits

This story is partly true. Witch part is true that you have to guess yourself.

There once lived a poor carpenter, who had two sons called Frindo and Venrod.
They where careless boys who would do nothing but play all day long in the
village with little boys like themselves. But when they grew up, they wanted
to help their parents in small errands at the home.

One day Frindo and Venrod decided to go outside of their little village with
their little dog and hunt a rabbits for lunch. It was beautiful autumn morning
and the air was calm and clear. They walked and walked and their dog ran there
and here but couldn't find any rabbits tracks. They were a long way outside
the village gates and the sun was already past its highest point. They sat
down by a small river running from the mountains and ate some bread and drank
fresh water from the river. Then they journeyed onwards till they almost
reached the mountains.

They where walking on small path and suddenly their dog began to bark loudly.
It had found fresh rabbit tracks. Frindo and Venrod made a quick plan. Frindo
just hid there where they were standing at the moment and Venrod started to
run little forward and tried to find good place to hide.

While Venrod was running, he heard their dog's baking coming closer and
closer. When he looked over his shoulder, he saw the rabbit running after
himself followed closely by their dog. There they where running. First Venrod
with his shortbow then the rabbit after him and the last was the dog barging
wildly. Venrod tried to stop his running, turn around quickly and fire the
rabbit with his shorbow, but the rabbit was too fast and Venrod's fired arrow
miss it hitting a large oak growing beside the bath. The rabbit ran so fast,
that it had no time to turn. It passed Venrod very closely almost hitting him.
The rabbit vanished to the forest the dog behind it barking angrily.

When Venrod's arrow hit the large oak standing besides the path, he heard a
rough growl. Venrod was totally astonished, when he heard the voice. He turned
to look, who could have made such a growl and then he saw an old looking man
staring him angrily behind his furry eyebrows. The man had been picking some
herbs, when Venrod had run front of the rabbit, and Venrod's arrow had almost
hit his foot.

"At first I thought to kill you instantly, but is can see you are not evil.
You are only yang and foolish, so maybe I should give only a lesson to you 
hmm a lesson yes that I'll do." The old man raised his staff and muttered
something softly. The staff began to glow dull green light and suddenly a dull
green lightning striked Venrod knocking him down. When Venrod came to himself
he noticed that the man had tied a rope to his left ankle and the other end to
the oak, but he couldn't see any knots on the rope. Venrod's knife and
shortbow, had been taken away.

Meanwhile the dog had lost the rabbits tracks and had stopped barking.
Noticing that and knowing that the hunting was at end, Frindo stopped waiting
and come to look for his brother. When he arrived at the place where Venrod
was tied to the oak, the old man turned to look at him and said to Venrod:
"And he must be your brother. Maybe he is as big a fool as you are." Venrod
yelled to Frindo: "Flee, when you still have a time." But it was too late. The
man raised his staff again and dull lightning knocked Frindo down too. The old
man went to Frindo, took some rope under his robe and tied Frindo's ankle to
the other tree muttering some words.

When Frindo woke up, the old man talked to them: "Listen me carefully. I am
not your enemy. Now I'll give your bows back. You will need every arrow you
have. Use them right and don't kill each other. If you succeed, maybe I'll let
you go. Knives you can get from here when you are free." Then the man dropped
their knives to the ground and gave them their bows. After that the man turned
and walked away throwing up some powder he had about him, at the same time
saying some odd words.

When the old man had gone, it was totally quiet at the first. They tried to
free themselves, but they couldn't cut the ropes or find any knot to open.
Then they began to hear something moving behind the trees. The noises came
closer and closer and then they saw that there was a lot of wolves ready to
attack. The first wolf rushed toward Venrod and he fired his arrow straight to
the wolf's chest. When the arrow hit the wolf, they heard small poff and the
wolf vanished leaving only little smoke on the air. They realised that it was
only an illusion and they have to shoot them all to end it.

After they had fired the last arrow hitting the last wolf the ropes opened and
they where free. They got their knifes and collected their arrows. While they
where collecting arrows, their dog arrived waving its tail happily. When they
had found all the arrows with a little help from their dog, they started to
walk back to home.

It was already almost dark when they arrived near their homevillages walls.
Suddenly their dog began to sniffle and run after tacks. Their dog run around
the villages barking wildly. Shortly a rabbit bound from behind the village
straight towards the boys and so they got their lunch.

When they told their story to their parents, their mother was terrified, but
their father couldn't stop laughing to the great hunter Venrod running away
from a rabbit. When the father finally stopped laughing, he said: "That old
magician gave a good lesson to you. You must practise shooting before you go
hunting and you must look what you hit if you miss the main target. And I
think you don't have to go so far to find rabbits." The rabbit they decided
not to eat until tomorrow.