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Library: The Vivero


Author: antikiller
Date:Oct 26 2005

This is story about Viveros birth and his first living  days..... It was
storming day in middle of nowhere of africa.

Black woman was his her finald weeks of pergnancy. Black man, womans man! get
angry and kiked her to jungle At jungle woman tries to find way back for his
husband until she starts to SPAWN a VIVERO

Vivero looked new word with madblind his yeys and then he notice black woman
looking him.... suddenly he got angry and killed his mother with sharp teeth's
biting her everyside of her body. While some hours Vivero eated corpse and
sleeped bit and  when he awakes he was grown to HUGE Black Cyclops

Cyclo Vivero started to find more eating  and like you can ques he loved
humanmeat and blood! Vivero walked in jungle some days and night's without
sleeping until he found a .......TOWN! 

It was early morning and he planned to wait at night when he could kill
everyone in town and eat them all! So Vivero starts to sleep...."...morning
goes day comes.... day goes evening comes..... evening goes night comes...and
Vivero awakens.

Vivero sneak's in town and enters every house and kills all people crushing
them heads with his hands. That was so HaRd crush that people didn't notice
anything..... ..... but there was one girl awaken who saw Vivero and girl
jumped in to well and stayed quietly there... When every house from town was
raped Vivero collects corpses to the square in one pile... there was atleast
20 corpses. Then Vivero started to eat corpses and when he was finished it he
continues to find next town.... Only who survied form genocide was girl who
hided in well 12 days before climbing up....

Rumours says that Vivero is still looking and finding next town where to kill
and eat all peoples... and the girl.... she went to  neighbour town to live
and she didn't tell anything from that Huge Black Cyclops for anyone....

....and they says......          .........Vivero is finding way to next
town..........                   ....that town may be town.....     
......where YOU live!

                      _ The End _