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Library: Macabre Christmas Tale


Author: boot
Date:Dec 3 2005

A Macabre Christmas Tale, original play by Boot, performed first Dec 3, 2005

%Skinny_Nica_Laus opens a great big, elaborately carved door

%Skinny_Nica_Laus knocks some of the snow off his boots and warms his hands by
the fire

%Skinny_Nica_Laus adjusts his clothes that appear way too large for him

%Skinny_Nica_Laus looks around at the luxurious entryway and the women draping
themselves about the parlour

%Madame says 'Hello, sir, may I interest you in one of my girls tonight?'

%Madame gestures across to all beautiful, scantily clad women

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Why, yes, but... I have certain needs...'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus blushes slightly then composes himself

%Madame says 'Why, of course, Mr.....'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Laus, Mr. Laus, but you can call me Nica.'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus smiles happily

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'I need a room on the top floor, preferably with a 

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Oh. No need to start the fire just yet.'

%Madame smiles coyly

%Madame says 'I don't think that is a problem. On Christmas Eve we don't have 
too many customers yet. They're all home with their families, most of 'em at 

%Madame gestures BlondeWhore to come over

%Madame says 'I think you might like this one.'

%Madame winks suggestively

%Skinny_Nica_Laus nods agreeably

%Skinny_Nica_Laus heads up the lavish staircase with BlondeWhore on his arm

%BlondeWhore nibbles at Nica's ear

%BlondeWhore pulls back the covers on a magnificent bed

%BlondeWhore purrs at the feel of silk

%BlondeWhore gropes at Nica to undo his clothes

%BlondeWhore says 'So what takes your fancy tonight?'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus blushes redly

%BlondeWhore smiles suggestively

%Skinny_Nica_Laus stumbles back at her advance and falls into a chair

%Skinny_Nica_Laus looks at the great big chair and smiles knowingly

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Why don't you come sit on my lap and tell me what 
you'd like for Christmas?'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus smiles joyfully

%BlondeWhore purrrrrrrrs sensually

%BlondeWhore giggles inanely and sits on Nica's lap

%BlondeWhore says 'I want a big cock right here'

%BlondeWhore spreads her legs a little and points

%BlondeWhore starts to grope down Nica's pants

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Naughty'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus picks up the BlondeWhore and throws her on the bed and eats 

%Skinny_Nica_Laus rubs his tummy as he finishes her off

%Skinny_Nica_Laus takes the bones and tosses them up the chimney

%Skinny_Nica_Laus listens to some scurrying up on the roof and nods

%Skinny_Nica_Laus opens the door and calls out

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Madame, Madame, I need another girl'

%The_Twins come sauntering into the room

%The_Twins go to each of Nicas arms and smile coyly

%The_Twins says 'You think twins might help you sate your appetite?'

%The_Twins lick their lips and each give him a kiss on the cheek

%Skinny_Nica_Laus looks them both over and nods

%Skinny_Nica_Laus sits back down on the great big chair

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Why don't you come sit on my lap and tell me what 
you'd like for Christmas?'

%The_Twins go 'Mmmmmmm' and grin

%The_Twins go sit on each of Nica's knees and bend close to his ear

%The_Twins says 'We want you to fuck one of us while she eats the other. Maybe
you can play with our titties too.'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'Naughty'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus says 'How about I just eat both of you?'

%Skinny_Nica_Laus throws them down onto the bed pinning them both under his 

%Skinny_Nica_Laus eats the Twins heartily

%Nica_Laus picks his teeth a bit

%Nica_Laus rubs his growing belly

%Nica_Laus tosses the bones up the chimney

%Nica_Laus heads back to the door shouting out

%Nica_Laus shouts 'Madame, Madame, I need another girl'

%Buxom_Wench walks in gracefully full of herself

%Buxom_Wench smiles seductively and fondles her large breasts teasingly

%Buxom_Wench whispers 'So are you now ready for a real woman?'

%Nica_Laus watches her closely and slowly sits back in his chair

%Nica_Laus says 'Why don't you come sit on my lap and tell me what you'd like 
for Christmas?'

%Buxom_Wench saunters over to the chair

%Buxom_Wench leans over so her breasts rub up against his face as she takes a 

%Buxom_Wench leans close to Nica nibbling his earlobe

%Buxom_Wench whispers softly

%Nica_Laus looks shocked

%Nica_Laus whispers 'Naughty!'

%Nica_Laus throws her onto the bed and bgins to eat her starting with her

%Madame knocks on the door

%Madame says 'Is everything all right in there?'

%Fat_Nica_Laus burps rudely

%Fat_Nica_Laus rubs his belly satisfied. It now bulges out filling his red 

%Fat_Nica_Laus shouts 'Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas'

%Fat_Nica_Laus drops a large pile of coals in the fireplace

%Fat_Nica_Laus heads to the chimney up and away

%Madame bursts through the door

%Madame runs to the window and sees a sleigh of bones alighting from the 

%Madame says 'What have you done? Who are you?!? You haven't paid!!!'

%Fat_Nica_Laus shouts 'I'm Santa Claus! You had some naughty girls so I left 
you some coal!!!'

%Fat_Nica_Laus shouts 'Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!'