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Library: My Weekend


Author: arnoldi
Date:Feb 10 2006

This a true story how my weekends goes. I warn you since this in not ment to
be seen by children. Not even all adults can read this without feeling some
symptoms of nausea But for mudders this is piece of cake so keep reading how
how old fart plays batmud! Of course I will wait all friday day that time I
get off from work. My usual plan is to go to ALKO and buy some Finlandia vodka
and from near market 24 bottles of beer I dont buy food because its not
containing any alcohol...

Just a 10 mins drive by my car and I'm home. I never shut down my computer
because I need to get to play immediately. First I will put power on my lcd
screen and I will start zmud client. Then I run to fridge and I take cold beer
which I have always waiting for me!

Since I'm merchantAlchBard then I need to mine, make rings, cast venturers
ways with "kiukku" and I make chests. And of course prots, fw, mips, repairs.
Everything goes almost fine.... But after few hours play I start to be a
little drunk. I dont remember to write down orders, I cant count casts I make
and I toyp too much to rings description so no one wants to buy them!

Actually this not so big problem yet.... but Then I drink some more Vodka and
I start to remember women. Women are nice when you are drunk and you feel that
you can fuck them all... No problems! I still can continue mining, fw's and
prots and making reagents. I have many boxes in my workroom, all forges are
full of minerals, no worry...

Some more vodka and who cares! I could fuck all women, I can't be beaten, I'm
the hero! Then finally about 10 p.m. one of my girlfriends call and ask me to
come.... come and meet her :) because I'm then man of action I go immediatelly
to shower, I change my dirty boxers to new one and soon I will be in taxi.

Of course in this point batmud is not so important so I just go to ld... Of
course in this point batmud is not so important so I just go to ld...

Hih, of course we have good time, some more beer, red wine, kisses and so
on... Finally we get it actual action. I dont why my brains dont work with
naked woman who is like a model... At least... I think so! I'm sure! Oh, its 6
a.m. in the morning! I'm so tired and dry.... what ever that means! I put my
cell  phone to alarm me at 11 a.m. I must go to home and chest all eq and
mineral boxes, minerals from forges... But.... I'm so tired and her naked body
is so near... Even my head still is pain called headache some part of me is
still working... and suddenly I noticed that its 12 p.m. and too late to go to
chest! ARGH!

So its same to sleep with her... Finally I get up 5 P.m. and i call taxi to
take me home. DAMN! I lost some eq, minerals and some rings. I dont think sex
will compensate this loss!

Ok Gnomes got 1 tp again, some loss of minerals and I have so called
"vitutus". I start making more reagents and I'm already afraid of saturday
night when another girlfrind call me... THE END