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Library: The Book for the DEAD


Author: chaste
Date:Jan 25 2008

The Book for the DEAD

A guide to death, raising the dead, resurrection, body creation, etiquette,
and other unfortunate events. This book is not intended for use by the
All-Dead, who require the acts of reanimation, reincarnation or rebirth.
('help reanimation', 'help reincarnation', 'help rebirth')

Chapter I ~ The Young

You will eventually die. Perhaps sooner or later, but it inevitably happens.
If you are under 24 levels (or thereabouts), Athalon will be able to revive
you with Resurrection. Try 'accept ress from athalon'. This is always a good
way to come back to the world of the living.

Chapter II ~ The Modalities of Revivification

Prayer - The whims of the gods are as always, whimsical. While having the
benefits of being instantaneous, all carried experiences are usually lost, and
therein also lies minor possibility of loss of mind or body. This should not
be a cause for fear if you plan on Reincarnation in the near future. It has
been rumored that no experience loss may also occasionally occur. 'Pray'

Raise dead - While this spell is relatively easy to cast, as with all the
other reviving spells, it must be cast by the living. Most carried experiences
are lost (~75%) in the process.

Resurrection - This spell, more difficult and dangerous to cast, both to the
castor and the recipient, nonetheless retains more experience (~50%) of the
target. Loss of mind or body is a possibility with this spell.

New body - The greatest of spells, both in energy required and effects, is
creation of a new body. While it takes approximately 6 hours for the body to
regain its strength and vigor, only a very small fraction (~25%) of
experiences are lost. This spell is particularly suitable for those who carry
much experience, and need a long rest.

Chapter III ~ The Scars of Battle

Life in this world is cruel. It exacts its taxes upon the living by
emblazoning them with scars, reminders of battles which took their life. It
can be said that with each scar, a little of one's soul is lost. With each
scar, and each loss of comeliness, it becomes that much more difficult and
dangerous to bring the character back to life. Therefore be vigilant! Guard
your appearances, and strive to remain above average in appearance, or
inevitably, eventually, suffer the consequences.

Merchants are skilled in honing your appearances to their finest.

Chapter IV ~ The Etiquette

It is appropriate to compensate persons for bringing you back to life. Not
only does it show your gratitude, it virtually ensures you will receive prompt
and full attention the next time something unfortunate happens.

See also 'help death', 'help spell raise dead', 'help spell resurrect',
 and 'help spell new body'.